Mayo Clinic

In January, after Dr. Ego (or was it Dr. Arrogant? Whichever one is the horrible gastroenterologist.) was so dismissive of my three years of illness, I called the Mayo Clinic again. They’d had me scheduled for December 2006, but we were going to be leaving town a few days after that, and I didn’t want to risk still being a patient when it was time to drive to Texas. So I cancelled. Anyway, in January, I called again and asked if I could get in. This time, instead of going through the neurology department, I went through gastroenterology. The lady who answered the phone said that someone from gastro would call me later that day to tell me if I would be accepted and to let me know how long the wait would be, because there is a wait-list for that department. I never heard a word from them. And then I met Dr. Awesome, and things got better, so I didn’t worry about Mayo anymore. Of course, things still aren’t fantastic. They’re heavily improved, but I still have some issues.

So suddenly this week, a package has shown up in the mail with my appointment time and instructions for check-in to Mayo Clinic. Out of the blue! Since I had never heard from them the day I called to get on the waiting list, I assumed that it just wasn’t happening, that someone had dropped the ball, my file had been lost. And now I have an appointment for evaluation in December. ???

This would be great, because I would go to see why I still have certain problems, intestinal as well as other kinds (Dr. Awesome is perfectly happy with me having diarrhea only 75% of the time, but, um, I’m not, as that means I will never again be able to go on a camping trip, an overnight hike, blah blah blah). But… It’s December, and it’s very possible we’ll be gone by then. More on that later. So I don’t know. If we’re still here, I’ll go, but as soon as we know we’re out of here, I’ll have to call and cancel again. I guess it couldn’t be helped since I never even heard that my file got to gastroenterology. *sigh*

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  1. So how is your health not important enough to fly across the country for your appointment (if, god willing, you’ve moved by then?) That isn’t supposed to sound snotty, I’m just saying you’d be an idiot to cancel for something that seems (to me) a small reason.

  2. I’d stick with the appointment and go from wherever you happen to be. I say this because I figured by now you’d have much better results than 25% regularity with the gluten free diet. Maybe I haven’t seen enough gastro stuff, but that is not impressive after 4 months. Which leads me to believe there is more going on than just the gluten problem.

    I think you should at least give it a shot. Then you have a chance of improving things more… if you don’t go – things will continue as they are.

  3. December isn’t all that far away. Just leave the appointment as is and make up your mind closer in if your situation changes. Or not.

  4. maya, it’s also a matter of money. We don’t exactly have the budget for travel right now. But maybe I can find a cheap flight… in December.

    Teresa, my symptoms have improved even more going dairy-free as well, but yeah, I still have a lot of issues. Now, the other symptoms are rare and last a couple of days when I do get them, so I’m convinced that I’ve found two of my problems. Only thing is, if I do have celiac (and I still could — Dr. Awesome didn’t have me swallow the pill camera), as severe as some of my symptoms are, I think it’s going to take a couple of years before I’m completely right again. The only lingering symptoms I have regularly are the diarrhea (heartburn is gone) and the hair loss. That said, there very well could be something else wrong, so I’d like to keep the appointment. But there are logistics involved. If Frank is working, Rowdi has to go to a dog spa or a good kennel, but they all require evaluations. If I’m working, and that’s a big possibility right now, I won’t be able to start until after… And then there’s the cost of flying across the country. A lot of things to consider.

  5. Walter, I will probably do that.

  6. If necessary, we, your readers, would gladly chip in what we can to help lessen the burden of your travel costs.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Make and keep the appointment. The money will work itself out.