i can go without food for a week

I’m so excited about the prospect of hiking soon! And not just the kind where you hike for an hour and turn around and go home. I mean you get up early in the morning, pack a lunch and a ton of water, hike until late in the day, and return to your car just as it’s getting dark. Of course, overnight hikes are even better, but a long day-hike doesn’t take vacation days, and those are going to be reserved for family, at least for the first year or so.

There is only one problem I foresee in our hiking future. While Frank still has his Grand Canyon hiking boots, I actually have none. I did have a pair the first two times I hiked the Canyon, but I gave those to my mom, because they hurt my feet so much. When I hiked the Canyon with Frank, I used a combination of running shoes and a pair of sturdy velcro sandals. My feet actually hurt less than they did with the hiking boots, but wow, the pain was still horrific. That was before I gave up dairy and gluten, so I have far fewer foot problems to start with these days, but I still think I need to get a good pair of hiking boots. But I’ll tell you — I am the worst at picking out hiking boots. Every pair I’ve owned, even the expensive ones I gave to my mom, have just been foot killers.

I guess when we get there, I’ll have to go to the big outdoors store and look around. I know from last winter’s grand opening that they do carry hiking and hunting boots, so I should be able to find a pair. Knowing me, though, I’ll buy them online after I know what I want. That way I can price shop.

Actually, I wish I hadn’t already given Frank the go-ahead on Guitar Hero, because hiking boots would have been an even better Christmas present for me. Oh well. I’ll just take the money out of our grocery budget. Who needs to eat anyway?

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  1. i am looking for hiking boots too, but not until next spring. for what it’s worth, when my hubby was in the military they issued Danners and he still wears them hiking and hunting all over Alaska and various terrain. i’m actually thinking of trying to find a store here that carries them so i can try them. otherwise i’ve heard good things aboout Columbia brand from friends but haven’t tried their boots, just sandals when we were in Hawaii hiking over lava fields. happy shopping!!!

  2. thanks for the info, akangel. i can’t remember what the expensive brand was that i had. all i remember is that i felt like i was walking on metal plates. but my mom loves them.

  3. I used to work for the company that makes Merrell boots and shoes. I won’t wear anything else. My father-in-law has back problems and he can walk all day in his Merrells and not have any back pain. Not so with just any other shoe. I don’t actually have the hiking boots, but I know people that do and they love them. I have the casual shoes (waaay too many) and they are the best.

  4. Thick socks will do miracles with uncomfortable shoes. Of course, you already know that. I’m a little envious; not of the hiking, I’m more of a camper-with-a-bed kind of camp person. I would like to see that part of the country again, though. The only time I was through Idaho was a week before Christmas. The Horror!!

  5. if u go hiking in idaho in the winter, you’re going to end up a sarahkicle

    i doubt you and frank are tough enough to live up north with us hardy folk

    that dog is totally screwed :)

  6. Evening, did you ever check out Birgade Quatermasters?
    They have everything. Now, granted some stuff may cost more. But you do get what you pay for. I got a pair I use for drill from them. In fact more than a few guys in the unit shop with them. Now that I think of it…why do I pay so much in taxes if the government cant supply us???
    anyhow, have a good trip.

  7. I am old skool, but I always love hiking in my hi-techs

    and hiking through creek beds in my tevas.

    I actually would live in TEVAS, but I always feel very granola-ish

  8. Fred the Fourth

    Did I read that wrong,or are you planning to buy boots and hike in them essentially the same day?
    Do you have any idea what Medevac from Ghost Canyon ranch costs these days :-)

    Actually I’d second the pitch for Merrells, because they can be great right out of the box, BUT in my experience they are not sturdy over the long run. No big deal unless you are into rough hiking, rocks, scrambling, etc.

  9. Fred, um, no. All the more reason I need to get the boots soon, because I know there’s time after I get them before I can hike in them.