why does she have to have black claws?

It’s so painful (for me) trimming Rowdi’s claws. There is always much peanut butter involved — unless she’s gulping down spoonfuls or Kongfuls of PB, she won’t even let you touch her claws. It makes me really angry with her previous owners, because it means that they didn’t get her used to it at an early age, didn’t massage her paws so she’s okay with being touched there. I’ve been working on that lately, massaging her paws and her knuckles and all that. And trying to trim those things often. Until earlier in the week, I was always afraid to cut too much, because I had no idea when I’d get too close to the quick.

Well, we trimmed her claws just now. Scratch that. We trimmed her right front and right back claws. I went a little at a time on each one and used a flashlight shining across the claws to help me know when to stop (it’s really hard to look at the face of the claws themselves, because it’s hard enough to get the paws off the ground, much less enough that my head will fit under them). Other than pinching my own hand a few times with the trimmers, everything went well… until we got to her pinky toe on the back paw. I got one small cut done really easily. The second cut? I barely moved up the nail. Maybe a millimeter. I made the cut, and the puppy, who cannot be distracted from peanut butter for any reason… she yelped.

That’s when I told Frank I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to leave it to the professionals. The good thing is that I looked, felt, everything, and she wasn’t bleeding. So I’m pretty sure I didn’t cut the quick.

It was all over after that. Oh, she was still lapping the peanut butter, but when I moved over to cut the left side, every time I picked up her paw, she stopped eating the PB (that is major, folks), looked at me with sad, watery puppy eyes, and started licking my hand. Her eyes were telling me, “I would bite you, but you would just hate me more.”

So we only got one side done today. We’ll try the other side tomorrow. Maybe she will have forgotten I hurt her.

7 Responses to why does she have to have black claws?

  1. My dog will let you massage his paws all day, but when it comes to clipping the nails–forget it! He will snap and growl and do all kinds of hateful things. I take him to the vet or the groomer for the clipping and he doesn’t have a care about it. He just doesn’t want ME to do it. Silly puppies.

  2. Have you looked into something like this clipper that detects the quick and can warn you when you are too close?

  3. Would it help to wear her out a little before starting this? Say take her for an extra long walk, and then come back to her peanut butter treat.
    But I do know what you mean, sometimes pitties are just big babies when it comes to stuff like this. My Rocky was a drama queen and would scream when he would see the clippers.

  4. My beagle will let you mess with his paws all you want, but he doesn’t like the clippers. Best time to catch him is when he’s taking a nap.

  5. Pati wouldn’t let anybody touch her paws from puppyhood. A couple of times her nails got so bad we basically had to tie her up like a mummy to cut them. She never whined or cried, she just didn’t like having them touched.

  6. Same problem with our pup. She is terrified of the nail trimmers. We have often referred to her as the toenail queen.

    We have been having the vet do it too.

  7. Have you looked into a toenail grinder in stead of a clipper……