hi self

When you make your totally awesome potato soup, make sure you don’t throw in the contents of just any can that has a picture of coconuts on the front. A whole can of creme of coconut will make your soup inedible.


2 Responses to hi self

  1. Rofl. That’s too funny. Sad, but also funny. Poor SarahK. Hope your next attempt turned out better! Coconut milk is a wonderful thing. Ever made gravy with it? Throw in a little soy (or a gluten-free product that does the job) and some drippings from cooking up some meat and yummmmm.

  2. Yes, I do make gravy with it (did that the same night I made the cream of sugar soup). I used Bob’s wheat-free biscuit and baking mix and the drippings from the CFS I’d made.