high praise!

If you picked Friday in the mm poll, you win high praise! Hooray for you!

We arrived yesterday around 3 p.m. The movers are here moving our stuff in, and after that we’re gonna return the truck and then walk the dog. It’s in the thirties here, I’m guessing. I can’t find my coat or my gloves. My fingers are practically frozen, because the doors are open while the furniture comes inside. And I have no complaints.

The house is awesome. It’s 600 square feet bigger than our Florida house. The neighborhood is adorable. And from the den and the gameroom, we have a spectacular view of the mountains! The gameroom is upstairs, so you walk in there in the morning and see majestic sights everywhere! I can’t wait to tell y’all all about it and show you lots of pictures. Our lease is nine months, but I told Frank I’m perfectly fine staying here longer.

More later. After we walk the dog and go see Frank’s grama, I’ll try to give you a good long update.

BTW, we’ll be unpacking for months.

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  1. Okay!! I’ll call off the search party. Glad you made it safely there. Looks like fresh snow in Evanston and Alpine Junction in WY. I believe you had to go thru one or the other yesterday. It’s snowy and 14 degrees in Casper right now. Welcome to the West. Get yourself some Carhart coveralls and you won’t even notice the weather. Of course, no-one will notice you either.

  2. Sounds idyllic and I know you are thrilled to be there!
    Can’t wait to see pictures!

  3. LottieDotties SIL

    Sarahk– how’d you like the frost on everything this morning?? Trees, fences, you name it– white from frost– it was a beautiful morning to be in Idaho! Welcome home!

  4. yay, your home!
    can’t wait to see some pictures :)

  5. no snow yet? we got snow last night. i’m not nearly as excited as my boys are!

  6. thanks for calling! Glad to hear Idaho is awesome.

    I’ll come visit. :)

  7. glad you guys made it safe! its in the 20′s in Anchorage right now, I’d be happier with 30′s :) Hey, at least you should have snow for Christmas!

  8. Hooray! Happy unpacking!! :)

  9. So glad you arrived safely. Have fun with the unpacking! It is always good to do a purge when you pack and again when you unpack. It keeps my home manageable and I move a lot!

  10. Yay you made it! Enjoy the dry air and real winter.

  11. You’ve reached your destination in one piece…YAY! Can’t wait to see pictures.

  12. WooHOOO!!! So glad you made it without any serious mishaps, can’t wait to see the pics! It sounds just awesome.

  13. Congratulations!!

  14. Now that you live in Idaho, does that mean you are no longer gun nuts?

    In the comparative sense, of course.

  15. I can’t wait to see the pictures and hear about the trip. Your house sounds great.
    Welcome home

  16. Hey Sarah! Glad ya’ll are there. Have fun unpacking! I am not jealous of you being there with the cold and snow and all. I don’t miss it at all. I am not a winter girl and Colorado was winter for 9 months. Anyway, now that you are there wanted to let you know Christmas at our house the weekend before Christmas. Know you want to travel across country again. e-mail me and I’ll give u details if ya’ll are able to come. Love you!! Your favorite cousin!

  17. Glad you guys got there! I’m sure it felt like that trip would never end.

    Glad you like the cold as well, you can have it. ; )

  18. Congratu-alations!

  19. SOOOOOOOO jealous!


  20. oh. you did call someone and let them know you got there. only not yo mama. :(

  21. maggie katzen

    Yay! if it makes you feel any better there were a couple boxes we didn’t unpack for, like, two years.