is not fun! Yesterday when I woke up, my laptop showed no outlet power. I fiddled with it like I always do, and it still showed no power. That giant transformery-looking box (I swear, Vaio laptop cords weigh more than the laptops themselves) was plugged into the part of the cord that plugs into the wall. The power strip light was on. Then Frank noticed that the LED on the transformery-looking box came on, flickered, then went out again. It’s so unlikely that it’s the LED. We plugged it into another outlet last night, and the same flicker thing happened before the light went out again. Ack. So I had to order a new laptop cord. I was expecting hundreds of dollars, since it’s a Vaio, and that’s just how Sony has been during my laptop experience with them. I actually found it online for $53! Frank was shocked at the high price, but because I’m jaded over Sony, I was shocked at the low price.

Anyway, until it arrives, we are sharing one laptop. Because y’all remember that the monitor for our desktop died, and until we replace that monitor, the desktop is just a server with no screen. Don’t worry, I still plan to blog. The itch always hits me hardest when I have to share a computer.

So what is it with Rachel Lucas and me and aggressive dogs and stupid computers? Did someone put a hex on us both?

Ay. I don’t know how long the cord will take to get here (it’s shipping FedEx ground), but if it’s not here within a week, I may have to look into laptop rental. Or I could just unpack all these boxes.

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  1. As I may or may not work for a division of FedEx, I can tell you that once it ships it will get to you in less than a week, even if it has to go from Key West.