I miss my computer so much!

I can’t even upload pictures for y’all, and I know exactly which ones y’all want to see. I have awesome pictures of my smashed toe, which I know you’re eagerly awaiting. I mean, I would be, too, so I understand. The toe is doing much better, btw. It doesn’t bleed at all now. I’m not going to the doctor for it, in case you’re wondering. I don’t need a tetanus shot — I dropped a wooden bookcase on the sucker. One corner of my nail will fall off eventually, but I can live with that. I’ve lost my right thumbnail twice before, so no biggie. There’s basically a circle formed by the nail and the… um, cut that makes it look like a tiny part of my toe could fall off. But it hurts less and less all the time, and I’ve been letting the alcohol and band-aids do their job.

And wow. My Christmas tree is so TEH AWESOME! I can’t remember having a Christmas tree so fat and full in a long time. Good news, though. It’s still drinking. It didn’t need water this morning, but it needed it tonight, so I know it’s still thirsty (because the cats have slept alllll day). I would love to show y’all pics, but again. The uploading thing.

Oh, and the reading room? The mountain view is so beautiful I can’t even describe it. But it makes me giddy that THIS IS WHERE I LIVE! SERIOUSLY! I LIVE HERE! I want to show y’all pictures of the magnificent sunset I witnessed from my reading chair yesterday (the reading chair is my very most favorite napping place now). And the mountains today as we drove through THE VALLEY (sorry, Tammi, WE live in THE Valley, yours can’t be anywhere as amazing, love ya)? Ahhhh! The shadows that the clouds displayed on the mountains… just awesome!

Anyway, my blasted cord isn’t here yet. Ack.

UPDATE: FedEx says I’ll get it tomorrow. Yay!

2 Responses to I miss my computer so much!

  1. I would argue that the little mountain valley I live in is prettier!

  2. For months and well, to be honest, years, after the hubby and I moved out to the Midwest, we would drive around and look at all the corn fields and barns and grain silos, etc. Then we’d turn to each other and say (ala “Friends”) “I can’t believe we live here!”. We’ve been here 4 years and we still marvel at the beauty around us. I hope you get that long lasting joy from your new home.