movie mania… and whence came that snow, yo?

We’ve seen more movies at the theater since arriving in Idaho than we saw this entire past year at the theater in Florida. It helps that Sarah One is here and goes to the movies so often. We’ve seen Enchanted, 3:10 to Yuma, and tonight we saw Charlie Wilson’s War. We went into the theater around 5:00 this evening (and it was beautifully cold, couldn’t have been much above twenty degrees out), and when we came out after 7:00, it was snowing and had been for a while. It was coming down fairly heavily, and we were all surprised. By the time we finished dinner, we’d gotten a good half inch or so. Yay! Of course, on the way home, we had a little moment where I kind of gently slid off the road and onto the grassy patch next to it. No biggie, only a half spin or so. And the drivers here are so stinking nice! The cars behind me just paused and waited for me to get back onto the road (I just drove a couple of feet on the grass and moved right back). Not one single car passed me. I heart Idaho drivers. When you signal? They actually let you over! I’ve not been cut off one time since arriving.

Anyway. Nice evening. And snoooooow!

7 Responses to movie mania… and whence came that snow, yo?

  1. did you like Charlie Wilson’s War? It looks good, but it involves Aaron Sorkin…

  2. p.s. how bout that Ribeiro? As a Montreal fan, I just want to say, you’re welcome

  3. Sarah! Welcome to Boise and all the awesomeness it contains. We moved here from out of state and we are constantly amazed at how nice everyone is! I am still afraid to drive in the snow…but everyone really does just wait for you to get back on the road. Oh, and they move over for funeral processions. And we say “Merry Christmas” and the kids can sing Christmas carols at school. I heart Idaho, too. P.S. Make Frank take you to Bogus Basin for tubing. You won’t be sorry.

  4. Glad you are enjoying Boise. Saw I AM LEGEND over Christmas–pretty good.

  5. Yeah, most Idaho drivers are nice. But if you two ever come down to Twin Falls to see the Snake River canyon and Shoshone Falls, watch out for 2J license plates!! [No joking], cars with 2J plates try to kill me every day with their bonehead maneuvers…

  6. We saw I Am Legend, Sweeney Todd, and National Treasure II last week.

    I enjoyed them all.

  7. How was Charlie Wilson’s War? I thought it looked okay, but I saw Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on Oprah promoting it and they annoyed me so much that it’s turned me off.

    Sweeney Todd – v. bloody but gooooooood. A good dose of Johnny.