SarahK, why Boise? UPDATED

Because this…

is the view from our reading room.

UPDATE: The evil fake sarahk has returned.

19 Responses to SarahK, why Boise? UPDATED

  1. Too Pretty.

    Must be photoshopped by the AP.

  2. *is awed*

  3. Wow.



  4. *drooling*

  5. I want a reading room.

  6. OMG! Um… any vacancies in the ‘hood? LOL!

  7. Sooooo PRETTY!!! Yay!

  8. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

  9. That is amazing! Can I come visit????

  10. You can all come visit. Just call before you come.

  11. That actually made me go slack-jawed. Just gorgeous.

  12. It is great. Reminds me of the view from my kitchen in Colorado of Pikes Peak. Here’s to the SarahK and FrankJ (and many animals) Family to have the best 2008 up in Idaho!

  13. that photo was taken with the camera sarah stole from my 5 year old daughter — she has cried herself to sleep over it every night for nearly a year ;P

  14. *sigh* As a loooooong time resident of Houston / Katy, TX, this is a sight seen only in my imagination. Looking at it reminds me that God sure does give us good stuff.

  15. Julie: I grew up in New England. I rather be in a flood here in Katy than a snowstorm in the mountains. Mountains are like: pretty to look at a back breaker to deal with.

  16. Years ago (gads, I sound old. wait. I am!) I lived in Cleveland Ohio. A local T.V. station did a series in the winter about which was better, Cleveland or San Diego (might have been Los Angeles). But the one phrase that sticks out all these years was an interview with a San Diegan (former Cleveland resident). He said “Snow? When I want to see snow, I can jump in my car and in two hours be playing in the snow. When I am tired of it, I can get back in my car and two hours later be getting sunburned on the beach.”

    I always figured those people who said they LIKED snow were either deranged or lying. Ah, well, to each their own. I tell my Chicago cohort that I am sure glad he lives there….so I don’t have to! I’ll take warm Texas weather over the frozen sunshine any day.

    Anyway nice view. Congratulations on the move. If you ever drive upstate, wave at my nephew in Moscow.

  17. I could have told you why Boise. If there’s a place prettier than Idaho, I don’t know where it is. I lived in Moscow when I was a tad, and now I’m in central Washington, which is drier but not as breathtaking.

  18. Being here in the gorgeous land of Boise, ID, I can state with the authority of being an eye-witness that the photo is NOT photo-shopped.

    A belated welcome to you, Sarah, and your hubby Frank. My husband, daughter and I moved to Boise a little over a year ago and we totally love it here. As fellow Fredheads maybe we should meet sometime. I’m off to go catch up on Rachel’s Italy trip. Just wanted to send you a hearty welcome to Boise, the land of the Gods.

    Anna V