I have a couple of new favorite places to shop. I mean, I love Fred Meyer (it’s like Wal-Mart but more expensive, fewer screaming children, and no mess!) — they have a bigger organic section than Publix and even have a little gluten-free section on one of the organic aisles. And then there’s the Co-op, the hippy store that has a huge selection of food that is actually good for me — oh, plus the coconut oil is cheaper than it was in Florida, which makes me happy.

Jake’s Place (also called Jake’s Gluten-Free Store) is great. Pricier than most places, but Jake’s has a great selection of foods I’d never even seen. The owner is great, her kids are charming, and the baguettes in the freezer are just yummy. The first time I went in there, I laughed when I was checking out, because there was a ribbon magnet on the counter. You know, like the car ribbons. I got the mini one. It says, “Celebrate celiacs.” Hahaha. It’s on the refrigerator, yo. Because we* should be celebrated.

*And by “we,” I mean anyone with gluten intolerance. I know some of us aren’t technically celiacs, but whatever, dude.

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