because I just LOVE embarrassing myself!

Ok, so I wasn’t feeling well today. I half expected it, because even though we decided we’d reintroduce only healthy dairy products (and only gradually) into our diet, we went to Carino’s last night, and I had a most rich lemon cream wine sauce, of which I ate every single ounce.

Anyway, I figured I wouldn’t feel that well, and I was right. However, I have also missed my seizure meds two days in a row, because I forgot and then forgot and then Walgreens was closing early yesterday, so I missed four doses before today. I expected a headache from the combo of dairy and missed meds, I got a headache. Not a horrible migraine, just one of those dull ones that makes you want to do nothing all day and makes you want to never leave the couch.

I was proud of myself, though: I ran the dishwasher, ran the dryer (I think), straightened most of the downstairs (except the Christmas decorations, of which I’ve only packed two bins, and the Christmas tree, which goes out with the trash Friday), and put several things on the stairs for later transportation upstairs. Yes, I’ve been lazy over the holidays.

Anyway, Joe Foo’ and Denise were coming by to drop off my car, which they’d borrowed for the time they were in town, and then we were going to take them to the airport. I just felt kind of crappy, so I had already decided not to go to the airport.

Anyway, they came in for ten minutes or so before they left with my hubby (Denise was in serious need of a Rowdi fix, I think, because she sorely misses her own puppy). And before they arrived, I meant to check the downstairs powder room and make sure nothing was out of place, the toilet was clean, and the mirror didn’t sport water marks. Well. As you can imagine, I didn’t check the powder room (too busy lying on the couch and watching House M.D. DVDs), and frankly, they were just lucky I’d managed to put on a bra before they arrived. And right before they left, of course, Denise made a quick stop in the powder room.

You can imagine where this is going, right?

Well, I just happened to have a pair of sexy undies that had seen better days, and yesterday, I had pulled them out of the dryer, decided my relationship with them was over, and… yes. I had thrown them in the powder room trash can. The one I meant to check when I checked to see that nothing else in the powder room was out of place.

I don’t remember what Denise’s demeanor was when she came out of the powder room — I obviously was completely oblivious to the trashy panties (puns intended all over the place), because otherwise I would have run in there quickly to remove them, so I wasn’t looking for a specific reaction.

But yes, just now I went to use the powder room, and wouldn’t you know, the first item spotted when I walked into the powder room was that pair of preciously private undies, sitting proudly atop the rest of the trash. That’s when the horror struck and I tried to replay the day in my head.

We are definitely not used to having company.

3 Responses to because I just LOVE embarrassing myself!

  1. Hahahaha! This could only happen to the adorable sarahk!

  2. well, at least Frank didn’t dump dirty kitty litter all over the bathroom floor! ;)

  3. Ahhhh, your embarrassment would have been more complete with pictures of the aformentioned unmentionables, but, such as it is, the word picture will have to suffice……..