Wow, it is windy here today. It’s so windy that Frank took the trash out earlier, and he’s already had to go retrieve items that have blown away. A few minutes ago, I looked outside, and one box and one garbage bag were stuffed up under Frank’s car. Oh, and earlier when we carried out the Christmas tree, I saw the most gigantic tumbleweed I’d ever seen — about twice the size of the ones in west Texas. Really, it was the size of a tree, not a bush. It ended up firmly planting itself next to our fence. Better there than the car, anyway. The wind is loud, too.

2 Responses to wind

  1. speaking of taking out the trash, perhaps now you should remove the poll from your sidebar. we know when you got there.

  2. LottieDotties SIL

    yea, my arbor is laying on it’s side (heavy metal that takes two to move) the cats outside house blew into the pasture, Flower boxes filled with dirt are on their side… yea it’s windy. As I sit here in the family room, I’m listening to the roar –waiting for the windows to explode. I can’t hardly wait to count the shingles that will need replaced tomorrow. Did you look at– it shows semis on their side in E Oregon. What a mess– a glimpse into living in the mid-west tornado alley or even coastal hurricane country. It’s not like this often SarahK, we are very weather fortunate here in Idaho. It’s a soup kinda day!