i got to crash the party!

Frank was on a blogger conference call with Fred Thompson a couple of hours ago. It was so cool, because I got to crash it. Not so much crash as listen in, because Frank had it on speaker. Fred Thompson’s voice was in our living room. And word is he has a major conservative endorsement coming tomorrow. I hope it’s Rush or the NRA.

4 Responses to i got to crash the party!

  1. I would suspect the live voice of Fred Thompson alone, in your home, cleansed a multi-block area of monkey faced liberals.

    So, is the air even fresher?

  2. I’m jealous!
    I gave him some cash today and sent out emails to some friends.

  3. That is very cool!

  4. dang! why wasn’t i invited? that is awesome. i love him and have wanted him to run for a long time. now run Fred run!