proof of the big toe incident

This is what my toe looked like when I decided to drop a bookcase on top of it a few weeks ago.
my nasty toe

Nasty, right? The good news is it is healing very well. The smashed part of the nail eventually grew out enough I could cut it, and my meticulous cleaning of the wound has my toe almost back to normal. The skin around the top of the toe (several layers of which eventually came off) is healed up, and most of the bruise is gone. There is a little bit of bruise remaining under the top of the nail, but it looks like there will be no lasting damage from my little rampage. Yay!

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  1. dude. I had a mouthfull of oatmeal in my … well, mouth. Needless to say, I’m reconsidering a second mouthfull.

    Glad everything is healing!

  2. That’s utterly horrendous. And I’m glad I haven’t had my oatmeal yet… LOL!

    Glad it’s healing well, though!! :D

  3. oooooooooo! truely cringeworthy! I’m glad your almost all healed up, no toe-ectomy needed.

  4. I’m glad the nail didn’t fall off, or stay half-detached, which is a chronically grodie situation.

    Then again, I’m not sure “cutie-head moments” is the correct category for that picture.

  5. OH my LORD that looks awful. Glad you are healing well.

  6. Haha. Sorry, maya.

    nightfly, when I do or say something dumb or stupid, Frank calls me a cutie-head. It dates back to our Grand Canyon trip. He kept calling me a cutie-head, and I didn’t know that he meant I was a dummy until he told me later.

    thanks, y’all.

  7. Francesco Poli

    You actually got lucky. My second-grade teacher broke her toe and feet so badly, she was stuck between bed and rehab for nearly three years.

    Three years of substitute teachers *shudder*

  8. Owie!! Glad it is feeling better!

  9. glad you’re healing well. And glad I’d finished lunch before I saw that.

  10. Ewww! Yeah, that photo could have used a warning. So much for my german chocolate cupcake…

  11. Lottie Dotties SIL


  12. Oh my Sarah! That should have had a warning label. Glad you’re healing.

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