My in-laws have bought a very nice house close to ours. Not the same neighborhood or anything, but closer than they are now (the mileage may be close to the same, but the traffic from our house to theirs is much better than from our house to the place they’re in now). The house is gorgeous (I drool over their inside paint). We actually like hanging out with them, so it’s a good situation. I know they’re planning to meet a lot of people in their neighborhood so the Mean Old Man can have a bridge club (just kidding) but I think we’ll still hang out. We all like playing board games and cards and watching some of the same TV shows on DVD.

It also doesn’t hurt that they have an elliptical machine, so on cold days, I may have to take advantage of their hospitality and their equipment. And when Rowdi is bad, we can just send her to visit the grandparents. ;-)

2 Responses to neighbors

  1. we had the same relationship with my in-laws. We would stay up until 2 am playing cards almost every weekend. Then we had kids. They were not the same after that. Enjoy while you can.

  2. i didnt know traffic exhisted in idaho