so I have an interview this week

It’s been two and a half years since I interviewed anywhere. Ack! I did a phone interview with HR today, and it wasn’t so bad, because, as y’all know, I have a sparkling personality. ;-) Anyway, I’m hoping the accounting jobs around here move faster through the hiring process than do the engineering jobs. I’m not convinced it will. I put my application in with Accountemps on Thursday, and they haven’t even called yet. I know that sounds silly, because it’s only since Thursday, but in all of my accounting life, any time I’ve worked with Accountemps or Robert Half, they have called either the same day or next day after receiving my resume. So it’s a little disturbing that they haven’t called.

However, I did only submit my resume for this job on Friday, so at least at this company, they may be moving fast. And the job is one of my dream-type jobs, except that there has recently been a full accounting department upheaval, meaning all new people except one or two. That part doesn’t scare me, though, because I’m used to a lot of turnover in the audit world, and as long as I’m doing something I like and the problems that caused the turnover are fixed (I’ve been assured they have been), I’ll be happy.

Industry! I loved working in industry. I’m actually excited and hope they want to hire me soon. I’m not going to stop looking, in case they drag out the hiring process for months, as it seems companies here tend to do.

The only big downside is the money. It’s like I’m right out of college again! But whatever. Benefits are good.

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  1. Don’t despair! Remember, a lot of places have today as a holiday!

  2. right out of college again? That means you will only start at twice my yearly salary instead of quadruple.

  3. good luck!

  4. ::crosses fingers::

    Good Luck!!

  5. Best of luck! I hope it goes very well.