snow shopping is fun!

Haha, just kidding. Yesterday Frank had been home for an hour or so (after his interview, which went well, by the way), and I’d been inside for a few hours since walking Rowdi, trying to find the floor in our bedroom before the storm called work hits on Monday. We decided we’d go to the outlets (I LOVE the Bass and Van Heusen stores there), then the post office, then Wal-Mart. We let Rowdi outside to do her business before we put her away, and… everything was covered. Completely covered in snow. Sidewalks, cars, lawns, houses, streets. We were confused. Like, how did we miss that? We’d gotten at least an inch of snow.

The snow was still coming down when we left. Barely, though — just a light drizzle of sparkling frozen water. So we went ahead and ventured out. It was light out, the snow was hardly coming down, it was all good.

Flash to twenty minutes later when we were on the highway, heading down to the outlets. It was dark by then, and traffic was moving slowly. It was nice and calm, but I was a little nervous, just because there were semis everywhere, and none of them were wearing their snow chains. I’m such a snow newbie. I own it. We thought about turning around, but eh, we’re tough. We made it to the outlets and found an awesome sale at Van Heusen. See, Frank has lost weight, so we needed new khakis for him (on sale), sweaters, button-down shirts (both also on sale). It was awesome. And I was able to get three more pairs of pants so I have enough clothing to make it through my first week of work. Seriously, anything business casual I owned? Gave it away long ago. We stopped by Bass and got me a pair of brown work shoes (I had black ones from my shopping earlier in the week, same style), and Frank even found himself a pair of dressy casual shoes. When we came out of the shops, the car was completely covered again, and another half inch or so of snow was on the ground. Do they make car covers for SUVs? One cool thing about the snow (as much havoc as the ice it left wreaked on our windshield wipers), though… the way it sparkles. My goodness. Fresh snow is so crisp and pure and sparkly, looks like tiny diamonds… we should bottle it up and sell it for $400 a jar.

We skipped the post office, because well, I couldn’t see the exit ramp, and I was almost past it when I saw it — I don’t do big swerves in the snow. Wal-Mart was a most productive visit. I decided we need an ironing board after all (among other things), because I don’t want my new coworkers to know I’m a slob. Do you think I can fool them, Magic 8 Ball? “Outlook is bleak.”

2 Responses to snow shopping is fun!

  1. Ok, I think I have catching up to do. Doesn’t look like you’re in Florida anymore.

    Oh I miss the snow!

  2. Snow chains? for an inch and a half of snow? You’re joking, right?