awesome v not awesome

Awesome: Waking up in the dark, worrying you’re running late for your first day of work, then realizing that you have over an hour left before you have to get up.

Not Awesome: Waking up in the middle of the night thinking someone is beating on your windows. Turns out it was a very loud ice storm.

Awesome: Being excited about a job. This is the first time I’m actually excited about a job since… um… 2000? I mean, there’s always the excitement of finding out what you’ll be doing, meeting new people, getting into the work, but true excitement about what I’m going to be doing? That just hadn’t happened in a long time.

Not Awesome: All these political calls we’ve been getting. Every single one of them is calling our Florida number, and every one of them is a recorded call for McCain. Come on! At least let me talk to a person so I can properly tell them what I can think of the man that screws the American people every chance he gets.

Awesome: I had lunch with lottiedottie’s SIL the other day (she agreed to change her name to SIL, but lest y’all think I’m talking about my own SILs when SIL comes up in the future, I’m going to call her Sil. Clear as mud?). We had a lot of fun and a very nice time and talked about everything. Including religion and politics! Haha, only mature adults can do that over a meal. Mature adults and me. Sil brought one of her precious children along, and he was just adorable. Hardly threw any food in my face at all! ;-) Kidding, kidding. We’re going to try to drag our husbands out, the four of us, soon.

Not Awesome: I’m about to go walk the dog, and it’s surely going to be stinking cold. I love the cold, I don’t so much love to walk in the snow and ice, and Rowdi can’t stay out in it too long, because her wittle paws get cold.

Awesome: I’m wide awake!

Not Awesome: I’m wide awake early enough to catch some of Fox and Friends. I’ve been getting up late enough to miss it every day. Alas, no more.

Awesome: Yesterday all the snow and ice melted off of the ground and, more importantly, off of my car. I was pleased with this, because we ruined Frank’s windshield wiper blades the other night when we did our snow shopping, and I don’t want Frank to have to get out and scrape my windshield on my first day.

Not Awesome: Our cars are covered again this morning. Too bad for my hubby! (Hey. I still don’t own a pair of gloves, because I haven’t found any I like, and he has gloves. Plus, it’s his job.)

Awesome: I precooked all of the chicken for the week yesterday, so cooking dinner will not take so long this week. I’m going to try to precook chicken every week so we can eat before 8 p.m.

Alright. See y’all later, peeps!

11 Responses to awesome v not awesome

  1. Have a great first day at you new job!
    I hope the work days that follow are great as well ;)

  2. You’re awesome. Have fun!

  3. Have a great first day! How exciting!

  4. Job! Gainful employment! Congrats to you!

    PS – I do the scraping here in NJ too. The big thing isn’t so much the gloves but the head protection. Frank needs at the minimum one of those ear-wrap deals. (Of course, keep the gloves too!)

  5. Sil (formerly known as LottieDottie's SIL)

    Have a great day!!
    Lunch was great– good laughs and great conversation!

  6. ooohhh! Have fun at your first day! and I tried to keep the tears to a minimum when I heard you and Sil were having all that fun without me.

  7. Dang right! Scraping car windows is man’s work.

    You need to get Rowdi somma dem nifty doggy shoe thingies. Those are cool.

    Hope the new job goes great for you.

  8. Thanks, y’all!

    Sil, sorry about your comments not posting. You were caught up in moderation, I assume because of the name change. BTW, I was thinking about your real name the other day, and then I was thinking about your daughter, and it totally cracked me up. Not because your name is funny. Um, I’ll just have to explain later, because you just had to be there. I’m a goof.

    lottiedottie, you just need to move here so we three can have fun together! But I’m glad you introduced me to Sil, because I really like y’all both!

    JAM, I thought about that, but I don’t want the other dogs to think she’s a sissy girl.

    bikermommy, I agree with you.

    nightfly, an ear wrap thingy? You mean like a headband? That’s so teh ghey. ;-)

  9. Heheheheh. They don’t go around the whole way – more like earmuffs than anything else, and you can wear sunglasses with them to help with glare off the snow.

    BUT if it comes down to wearing the full thinsulate wrap, well, I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity. =P

  10. And now McCain has won Florida. You should have made Frank stay until the primary — he could have forced all the Guiliani voters to go… or at least held the McCain voters at gunpoint… Or, you could have flown in for the day and held them at bay with your Pretty Powers (yes, I still have the podcast with that particular routine).

    At least we have the Clinton V. Kennedy show. As political theater goes, that is at least amusing.