Obama came to Boise, supporter acted like high school girl.

I don’t have much to say about the part of the speech I saw on TV. Same old Obama — hope and change, no real substance, hope and change, I hate capitalism, people who vote for me are like those establishment-resistant fighters in the American Revolution and the abolitionists, I want to rebuild this country Bloc by Bloc, blah blah blah.

Ok, so they showed the speech on TV this morning, and there was this one lady on the TV wearing a pink scarf. We’ll call her Pink Scarf Lady. I’d say late thirties, early forties. She was on the second row or so, and Obama kept walking back in forth in front of where she was. And she was practically losing it. Every time he walked by, she immediately looked up to see herself on the jumbo tron. And then she would giggle gleefully, wave at the jumbo tron, and practically pee herself. And she did this every time she knew the camera was on her. Eventually, she stopped paying attention to Obama at all (I can’t blame her there) and just started following the camera. What’s it doing now? Is it on me? Is it on me? How old am I again?

I was amused and just watched her make an idiot of herself the whole time. More entertaining than the speech, anyway.

So Pink Scarf Lady, when you google yourself, as I’m sure you will, I just want you to know that you were the highlight.

2 Responses to Obama came to Boise, supporter acted like high school girl.

  1. Hee. I do that every time the Pizza Hut guy drives by. He makes me giddy wtih glee.

  2. Ugh. I’m terrified that this country is going to lose its wits and actually vote that guy in with his “Hope and Change, Change and Hope” crap. And do you know what he’d do to my chosen profession? Mess it the heck up. But not as much as Hill. But I can’t believe the majority would vote for her either.

    I’m sorry that West Virginia (which is me) was a bunch of doofuses and made Romney drop out.