snowed in

You know, it has snowed the last three Saturday nights. By the time we got up this morning, we already had so much snow on the ground that we can’t even tell where the roads are (but for the cars parked at curbs). Snow is still falling heavily, and the wind is blowing rather hard. We can’t go anywhere.

It’s supposed to get up above freezing in the afternoon, so I’m hoping that means we can get to church this evening, get my seizure meds this afternoon (I’m completely out and didn’t have either of my doses yesterday), and get the grocery shopping done. I really don’t like doing the shopping at the store nearby, because it’s fairly expensive on everything except meat. Plus I like getting my chicken at Wal-Mart, because they label it gluten-free, which makes it easier. There are so many places to look on packages of chicken to find if they’ve basted it in wheat, but Wal-Mart puts it in big bold letters under the nutritional info.

We can’t even tell how much snow we’ve gotten, because it’s so windy.

Sure is pretty, though.

3 Responses to snowed in

  1. Pictures of snow please! We keep getting promised snow but it doesn’t materialize, so disgusting. Does Rowdy stick her snoot in the snow and snort it? My Rocky the pittie always did this, it was so cute. How is Omen/Raven Claw doing?

  2. careful out there … your mama loves you!

  3. 82 here today! Enjoy the snow!