this morning

FRANK: Sweetie, I love you.
SARAHK: I love you, too.
FRANK: You know why I love you?
SARAHK: Because it’s Valentine’s Day.
FRANK [laughing]: Yeah.
SARAHK: I knew that would be your answer, because you’re a dork.
FRANK: YOU are. You’re picking up the dork radio frequency.
SARAHK: Yeah, it’s so strong coming off of you I can’t help but pick it up.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweetie.

3 Responses to this morning

  1. Awwwww too cute….dork love is the best!

  2. I read this to the wife and then said “I love you”

    Wife: I love you too.
    Me: You know why I love you?
    Wife: Shut. up. Big dork..

    So, it just proves you’re not the only ones out there.