mostly fixed!

I saw George last night. “Anything going on I should know about?” he asked before leaving the room so I could get undressed and get up on the table.

Hahahahahaha. My first thought was, “Um, yes, we’re committing adultery. With my husband’s permission, though, so as long as your wife is okay with it, it’s cool.” I didn’t tell him my first thought; instead I told him he could work on my right wrist, because it’s now good enough that I won’t kill him for touching it, told him about the knot in my left wrist, and told him about how my right knee buckles when I stand up and how I’ve got a funny knot on the side of it.

I had forgotten to tell them when I made my appointment last time that I only wanted an hour, so I got an hour and a half. And I totally needed it. My right wrist feels better, and when I woke up this morning, I could move my left wrist. For the last week or so, I haven’t been able to move it upon waking, and this morning it is a little sore but has full twisting capabilities. Oh, and I can pop it! Haven’t been able to do that in a while, and that’s my very poppy wrist. The little knot on the side of it is smaller, too. I was actually pretty sure he hadn’t fixed my knee, because he worked on it a little fast when I was on my stomach, but he moved on quickly. I did feel some tendons fling and pop while he was working it, so that must have done it. He worked it a little again when I was on my back, but he really concentrated on the left knee (I think he was trying to fix the wrong one). Whatever, when I got up, my knee didn’t buckle, and it hasn’t done it since. The knot on that knee is smaller today, too, so I’m hoping that issue is resolving. It’s still a little sore, but we’ll see.

Oh, one thing. When I walked into the office, I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole blogstorm over my seeing a male therapist. So of course, when George came around the corner to tell me my room was ready, I said hi and then looked down at the floor and blushed. That’s a little embarrassing, blushing so deeply that I can feel my face getting hot.

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  1. SarahK, do you often talk with people that have celiac disease? I have a friend whose older sister has the same issues you have. We went to Atlantic City last year for a girl’s weekend – and we ate at PF Changs. They had a gluten-free menu – I was surprised – so she was able to have a hearty meal without fear of feeling awful later. Anyway, I can put you in touch with her if you want to communicate with someone else that experiences the same symptoms/health issues that you do. Sorry – I know that’s nutty since you don’t know me or her, but I think her case is somewhat severe so she has to be really careful about what she eats.

    Best of luck.