no cure for stupidity

Some days it’s not the gluten; it’s the stupidity. Yeah, so we had dinner at home Saturday night and then went to my in-laws’ house for dessert and games (but we also brought along Scrubs, so it ended up being dessert and Scrubs). My MIL (who is awesome) had gotten a gluten-free torte (divine, that was) and other yummy GF snacks. There was also ice cream, but I decided to stay away from the ice cream because the last time I had ice cream, things didn’t go so well for my tummy. Well, my MIL got out the ice cream for everyone else, and there were multiple kinds. And as soon as I saw one type of ice cream, I was like, “Oh. Well. Maybe just a little. I haven’t had that kind of ice cream in a long time. That looks so good. I took probiotics earlier and am taking Gluten Ease now, so it will probably be fine.” And I really had no reason to be taking Gluten Ease (in my mind). BTW, I’d forgotten all about having that little back up plan, but I came across it the other day, and I put some in my purse just in case a careless chef threw a crouton in my gluten-free salad again. So I was taking the Gluten Ease in case the dairy gave me any problems; it’s not an aid for digesting dairy, but it at least has digestive enzymes, so maybe it would help.

Anyway, I sat down to eat my torte and cookies and cream ice cream, and I gave some to Frank at the same time. I’d taken a couple of bites of ice cream before Frank looked at the ice cream and said, “What kind of ice cream is this?” Me: “Cookies and cream.” Him: “Um… can we eat that?”

Uh. DUH?

Me: “Oh, holy crap! No!” Damage done already, though, because there is no coming back from massive stupidity. I know I can’t eat Oreos, but for some reason I was like, “I can eat almost any kind of ice cream and not have gluten!” Almost any, SarahK.

Anyway, I didn’t get sick. How awesome is that? I had a slight migraine twinge about half an hour after, but it only lasted ten seconds or so, and then I was fine.

So I think we’re ready to eat out again. We’ve been avoiding it (and actually eating all of our leftovers), but now that I remembered about the Gluten Ease, I can probably eat out safely. Not at just any restaurant, but at restaurants that have GF menus and at least kinda sorta understand the situation.

Side note: We went to the co-op yesterday afternoon for some GF shopping (and my black cherry sodas), and I was going to pick up another bottle of Gluten Ease. Well, Garden of Life’s [Omega]-zyme was also on the shelf, so I checked it out. Same digestive enzymes as Gluten Ease and also a lot of extras. Same price, more pills, and a company I trust in Garden of Life. So I went with the [Omega]-zyme.

6 Responses to no cure for stupidity

  1. That’s my cutie-head!

    And I thought it was called horeshoe-zyme.

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t get sick. I’m getting me some of that gluten ease stuff.

    And, btw, I was eating out last month and ordered ice cream for my dessert…feeling so proud I’d found something GF. And only after they brought it to my plate did I remember that I’m now lactose intolerant. Oh well, I ate it anyway. I paid the price a few hours later, but it sure was good at the time:)

  3. Hmmm. I’m still trying to find the “stupid” part in all of this. Ok, so you can’t eat Oreos but you ate some cookies and cream ice cream….yet had your Gluten Ease with you that worked. And now you feel a little safer about eating out…and you didn’t really suffer for it either.

    I’d say this was a success, not stupid.

  4. Call it what you like, but sometimes it’s worth the possibility of pains and fuzz– just to have something you totally want and crave and need and stuff (man I really need a donut!– dang you for suggesting it as while back– I still haven’t scratched that itch– but I may have to!!)

    The co-op has the Gluten ease?

    Does this mean it is time for PF Chang’s?

  5. Monkeyface, you would think that. I always thought it was sideways cursive Q zyme.

    Marcy, I was really impressed. But the Omega-zyme does have more in it, so I’m going with that one. Garden of Life is a great company.

    Well, Serenity, I see your point. It’s just that I’m so careful, but all it takes is some cookies ‘n cream and I’m like, what’s gluten intolerance?

    Sil, don’t scratch the itches on purpose when you know what they do to you! Silly Sil! Yes, the co-op has both Gluten Ease and Omega-zyme. Amazon may have better prices, though, especially if you use the subscription service, because you get a 15% discount when you use that. And it’s always time for Chang’s, yo. I have full confidence in Chang’s, even without digestive enzymes. But now I’m also more likely to eat at Outback (I had full confidence in them in Florida, but the one we’ve been to here doesn’t inspire the same feelings in me), Carino’s (after I write that letter), Costa Vida, Louie’s, and McGrath’s. There’s always Chili’s, but I just hate eating their raw corn tortillas when I prefer their chips. Plus, their GF menu is teeniny. Anyway, yes, Chang’s will be good once we have a better financial situation. Someone please buy our house!

  6. I say you should send your Aunt Wanda all the Oreos out of the Cookies and Cream ice cream! ( Your Uncle Robert LOVES Oreos! hehe