pasta sauce

Okay, so I had a massage last night. It hurt, because George is trying to fix my gimpy leg, and he was really digging on the knots around my knee. That has nothing to do with anything, but I had a massage, just so you know. (My leg was great last night, but it’s worse again. George told me to try stretching it often.) I should move my massages from Tuesdays, though, because I don’t like getting a massage and then screwing up my massage by blogging Idol for two hours.

Came home and cooked a fantastic and simple pasta sauce using very few ingredients (coconut oil, three cloves garlic, salt, red pepper flakes, couple splashes of white wine, fresh parsley, coconut milk).

Ate dinner, watched Idol, ate coconut milk ice cream. Which is perhaps the best thing ever made in the history of the world. History of the world. Yummeh.

Wish I could say more, but until Idol is down to twice a week (next week, yay!), most of my blogging time is spent on that. Gotta go close some books, lovies.

3 Responses to pasta sauce

  1. 1) I would, almost, KILL for a massage, with my fibromyalgia. Oh, dear, that would feel SO good, if not done too aggresively. But, darn it, I cannot afford a massage and I am, unfortunately, on Medicare and it does not cover massages. Enjoy.

    2) A coconot pattern is showing. Does coconot oil taste good with pasta? You got me thinkin’……..