guess who I saw today?!

I was driving down the road, coming home from work, and there he was just walking on the sidewalk.

You’ll never guess.

A black guy. I saw a black guy today! And I’m pretty sure that he was the first black person I’ve seen since we moved to Boise. I mean, I hadn’t really thought about it, but when I saw him walking down the street, I actually exclaimed out loud (to no one), “Hey! A black guy!”

I was really excited.

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  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

  2. I love black people. Except not Obama and his wife so much.

    I’m sorry if I offended anyone in any of my comments on this, my favorite blogspot. I only say things in jest unless I am writing to a senator or political figure. So everyone here is safe.

    Love you!

  3. Makes me think of that movie Blast From the Past with Brendan Fraiser. He’s emerges from the fall out shelter and sees a black woman and says ” Oh my lucky stars a Negro!” Gets me every time!

  4. Julie Insley

    Lived in Boise, as I have told you. I, too, was shocked at the small population, of African-Americans (don’t like that term much, but don’t want to offend anyone, as your mom said). Wonder why that fact is so. Boise’s GREAT, for any race.

    Hmmm…..gotta wonder…..

  5. arcticangel

    Julie~ im not sure about the factuallity (is that a word?) of this but I asked my hubby the same question, he’s from southern idaho and he said that 1)it is more of a farming community, or was which I don’t know why that would matter but anywho. and that 2)the mormon church for centuries wouldn’t allow blacks in their “ranks” and since idaho is close to utah and has a very high rate of mormons (am i making sense?) anyway those are the 2 reasons he gave me…but you are right Boise is Great!!!

  6. Actually, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has had “black” members from the 1840s…
    The priesthood was not extended to every worthy male until 1971. But, I don’t think that explains the lack of diversity in Boise. Boise is great and as the word gets out, we’ll see many different people come to call Boise home.

  7. Carrie, I don’t want the word to get out! I like it as it is.

    arcticangel, I’m not sure why the farming would matter either. As to your other point, I don’t know if the LDS previously not allowing black “priests” would be a factor in black people deciding whether to live in Idaho. The past discrimination would turn me off the Mormon religion for good (especially if I were black, but even being white — it’s one thing to make a mistake in doctrine, but quite another to adopt doctrine that is so completely opposite what is taught in the New Testament), but everyone is so incredibly nice here (especially the Mormons) that I’m not sure it would make black people not want to live here. But I’m not black, so I can’t say for sure.

    Maybe black people don’t like the cold? I dunno.

  8. Off Topic.

    SK, has FJ landed a job yet?

    If there was a statement, I missed it.

    Oh, and SK?

    tick, tick, tick.

  9. Um…..::raises hand::

    Half-black person here, like Obama! (except not a liberal socialist) and SarahK is correct, you don’t want the word to get out since liberals from other states turn conservative states liberal eventually (case in point, North Carolina) I’m not a fan of the Mormons at all but they do serve as a de facto protection from Idaho and Utah turning liberal.

    currently on my list (since I live in California) is to move to Idaho, Utah or Wyoming, or Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

    Texas is one of those last ditch places if all of the above states turn too liberal for my liking.

  10. “It’s one thing to make a mistake in doctrine, but quite another to adopt doctrine that is so completely opposite what is taught in the New Testament.”

    I couldn’t agree more. And it should be noted that the 1971 decision by the LDS church to extend priesthood to all “worthy” males, coincided with the IRS threatening to revoke their tax exempt status if they continued to discriminate against people of color.

    I don’t know what this has to do with diversity in Idaho, but I needed to say it. I always have a similar experience when visiting my family in Iowa, an are that does not have a large LDS community.

  11. arcticangel

    SarahK~ my goal was not to offend anyone, so sorry if I did. My only other thought is that as with most families I know, you tend to stay in areas where your family is maybe that is why, or maybe it is the cold:) Either way with us continually thinking of moving down that way I’d like for the word not to get out too!!!

  12. Articangel– where in Southern Idaho is your husband from– I’m from there too—just curious…

  13. arcticangel

    Sil~ he’s from Bliss, Hagerman, Wendall area (I forget the name of the county) we actually got married in Wendall, he was born in Jerome

  14. Lou, no. He’s still looking. And what does tick, tick, tick mean? Did you put a bomb outside our house? Are you saying my biological clock is ticking? I must know, because I hate having to bomb sweep on Sunday nights!

    arcticangel, If anyone was offended, I haven’t heard about it. The media was pretty good about getting out the fake word that Mormons didn’t allow black people in their church until 1971 because they wanted to discredit Mitt Romney, so I know a lot of people probably think the same.

  15. Articangel– my husband is from Wendell- I am from Buhl– small world– How old is your husband– my husband or I may know him–Disclose only if you want to–

  16. Sil~ he’ll be 33 this year. it is a small world! He graduated from Bliss H.S. but his mom taught in Wendell. We were married in the First Presbryterian Church. His grandparents farmed in Hagerman for years.

  17. Articangel– So, we are a year or two older but may know him. My husbands mother teaches in Wendell as well. My husband graduated from Wendell in 89 and I from Buhl in 90.

    Do you mind if I email Sarahk Privately and get your personal email from her, then we can chat?

  18. sil~ hee, hee, i just did the same thing (email sarahk that is)

  19. Did you get skeered like Obama’s white grandma and squeeze the hand of your half-black grandson?

    Also, the first time that Scott’s sister saw a black person, it was a little boy (and was also like, 1979.) She said, “Look! It’s Buckwheat!” That continually cracks me up. And the first time Scott’s niece saw a black person – “Mommy, that boy is really really dirty!”

  20. Disclaimer – I’m not at all racist. Peoples is peoples. I just thought I should say.