Having way too much fun

My new computer arrived today. While I was at work, my Monkeyface installed the extra memory, got the wireless working, and downloaded Firefox for me. What a sweet Monkeyface!

So I’ve been playing for the last couple of hours. It was even hard for me to eat my awesome tostadas (complete with awesome guacamole, yo), because I was having too much fun. I still managed to eat every morsel on my plate, don’t worry.

My initial thoughts about the computer: I love it! I’ve uninstalled a ton of junk that came with the computer, but I have no complaints about that. Knew it was coming. Got my iTunes downloaded and will soon install Quicken. One annoying thing: I uninstalled McAfee in preference of AVG and Zone Alarm, but the icons are still in my sys tray. How do I make those go away? Huh. Systray. One word or two? One, right?

So far I kinda like Vista. It’s pretty. I’m not a fan of the rounded edges on everything — all the bubbly facade makes me think I’m on a Mac. But I’m cool with this, at least for now.

I get sixty days of Office 2007, after which time I’ll either break down and buy it or install Office 2003 (or XP, I can’t remember which one I have).

Need to get all my music onto this baby, but I’m in no rush.

It is so quiet. So quiet. Not too hot. So light! Thin. And… AND! I love the keyboard. Touchpad good. Widescreen good. Power cord good. The VAIO powercord is about ten pounds, and you need a whole suitcase just for the transformer. This one has a teeny transformer, and the place where it plugs in to the computer is tight. Super tight. Let’s hope it stays that way. The CD/DVD player / writer / etc. will even label the CDs. It sounds like it writes the label right on the disc, but I’m not sure because I haven’t yet played with it. Manual and electronic volume controls. Buttons for fast-forward, etc. Four USB ports. The only thing I’m sad about is that there is no firewire port, and I forgot to check on that, and I was really hoping to be able to import videos once I got the new machine. Is there some kind of adapter I can get for that?

I’m stoked, kids. Stoked. This is good. Thanks for all your advice and help the last few days. You’re the bestest.

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  1. As for Office, you need to check compatibility. I *think* XP will run on Vista, but I don’t remember for sure. 2003 and 2007 will run for sure.

  2. Also, if the CD/DVD drive is a Lightscribe drive, it can burn an image on the face of the disc if you are using a Lightscribe disc. After you burn it, you flip the disc over, design the logo you want and it will burn. It ends up looking pretty cool. We have several Lightscribe drives and they work well.

  3. For the icons, try right clicking and then exit on the menu. Hopefully they won’t show up again since you’ve uninstalled. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to google around and see if anyone has posted stuff on how to get rid of a persistent icon. :-)

  4. I want what you have. sounds cool!

  5. Teresa, when I right-click nothing happens.

  6. Steve, I looked up what kind of CD/DVD drive I had, but I forgot. It might be lightscribe, but I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure my Office is 2003, but I don’t remember.

  7. No One of Consequence

    One thing I do like about Vista – when you win at Spider, the fireworks are way cooler than the XP version.

  8. If you right click on the task bar (outside of the systray) and get the Properties box up. Then click on the hide unused icons box. That might work… You can click on the “customize” and see if there’s anything else in there that you can do. I don’t see anything else on Microsoft’s site, I may be able to find something by googling Sony. I know the excessive loading of programs that will never be used has cause many people quite a bit of anger.

    The systray thing is really very weird, but not surprising. I was just reading at Slashdot that Sony is “kindly” giving customers the option of having all the bloatware removed from their computers… if they PAY another $50!!!! You almost have to admire the gall that takes… making people pay to have programs removed that they didn’t want in the first place – what a racket.

  9. Hi, SarahK:

    I have a new Acer Desktop that has Vista installed. I’m beginning to dislike it a bit less every week. Seems to work well with Mozilla Firefox, though my speaker system still require some tweaking.

    Your new laptop sounds wicked cool.



  10. NOOC, unfortunately, I lost, so I can neither confirm nor deny this.

    Teresa, you rock. Thanks for looking it up for me. Actually, the icons were gone when I got home from work and turned the machine on. Frank must have rebooted for me. My new laptop is a Gateway. The old one is a Sony. As for paying an extra $50 to get rid of bloatware — I’m not surprised Sony would charge that. I did not have a good Sony ownership experience with my VAIO. $300 to fix the place where my power cord connected! And it broke again a year later!

    Jack, so far I don’t dislike it at all. I’m glad you’re disliking it less. And my new laptop *is* wicked cool.