the best coconut oil

Kris has ordered Nutiva’s EV unrefined coconut oil and also Nutiva’s hempseed oil (I don’t know much about hempseed oil except that it is also good for you). And I don’t think I’ve ever told y’all which brand of the coconut oil I prefer. Kris reminded me that you all need this information.

Nutiva is the best coconut oil I’ve had. I’ve also tried Spectrum refined coconut oil (before I knew that it’s only good for you if it is *unrefined*). That oil has no flavor and basically tastes like canola. And the refining process takes away all of the good stuff and makes it unhealthy. I’ve also had another brand that I bought at the co-op when it was on sale. I don’t remember the brand, but it had a bluish label. It was EV and unrefined as well, but the flavor wasn’t quite as good as Nutiva’s. I’ve never tried Garden of Life EV coconut oil, so I can’t opine in that case, but I’m particularly fond of the Garden of Life company and its founder, Jordan Rubin, who wrote The Maker’s Diet book. That book and his probiotics cured someone I dearly love who was dying, and they’ve helped me a lot as well. I know there are sites that call him a quack, but real life results are pretty darned convincing.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, Nutiva is my coconut oil brand.

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  1. I guess this post clears it up, but I had vague rememberings of cocnut oil being used to make movie theater popcorn, and that that oil (whatever is is/was used to make movie popcorn) was the worstest for you of all the oils. So now that I know there are different varieties of coconut oil, it must be that movie theaters use the refined type? Or am I remembering wrong?

  2. I’m guessing movie theaters used the refined type. Coconut oil has gotten a bad rap because of studies showing that coconut oil is full of bad fat and causes clogged arteries. But the oil used in all the studies is refined. EV coconut oil has no trans fat and no cholesterol.

  3. Yay!! [clapping] I got it right!

    Did you know that the main Nutiva guy, Mr. Roulac, actually COMMENTED on my blog a few days ago?!? I was, like, totally gobsmacked. :)

    I can’t wait to get my coconut oil in the mail and start using it.