first problems

Well, I can’t get the built-in card reader to recognize my xD card, and my Olympus software won’t install. I’m going to do some research, but that’s why y’all haven’t heard the conclusion of Rowdi’s ordeal yesterday (I want to post it complete with pictures). For the record, the pictures we took of her yesterday are by far the most pathetic pictures of Rowdi ever. Y’all can’t wait to see them.

I can’t wait to get them on my machine!

3 Responses to first problems

  1. welcome to vista! this will be the first of many issues you’ll have–particularly with compatability. while, in the end, i think i’ll love vista (once they get all the patches out like they did for xp cause you know it totally sucked when it first came out), for now, it makes me want to throw my computer out the window sometimes!

  2. maggie katzen

    um, can you plug the camera into your comp? just wondering, that’s what I do with mine (old, clunky, Nikon coolpix) and I didn’t have to install the software. Vista just asks me what I want to do with the device (download pics is an option).

  3. Happy Easter Sarah!

    I hope finding the niggly bits of problems and solving them doesn’t take up your entire day. :-)