mmm… church crackers

This morning at church one of the men told us that since another woman in the congregation and I both have wheat issues, they are going to switch to rice crackers for the Lord’s Supper. He wanted to make sure that wouldn’t make us feel awkward, and nope, it doesn’t. How thoughtful is that? Frank and I always bring our own rice crackers, and now they’re changing the bread to rice for the whole congregation. I thought that was so nice. We love our congregation. The preaching is excellent, Bible classes are excellent, everyone is nice. I could do with more singing, though. We’re used to an hour of singing before even getting to the sermon. Which reminds me. I need to write letters to our Florida church and my Florida massage therapist. I’m so bad with correspondence. Evidenced by the fact that I still haven’t finished the wedding thank you notes (over two years later), and I fully intend to still send them. Bad bad bad.

Anyway. When I first went GF, I was really bothered by the fact that I couldn’t have the normal unleavened bread (matzoh crackers usually). I did a lot of studying to make sure it was okay for me to use something else. I couldn’t find anything in the Bible that said that the unleavened bread has to be made of wheat. Just that it is to be unleavened. And when the preacher at our new congregation first noticed that we always wave off the bread and use our own, he asked me about it. I told him it’s because of the wheat thing, and the first thing he said was, “Well, the Bible doesn’t say it has to be wheat bread. Just that it’s unleavened.”

We kind of lucked into this congregation. We actually have a couple of differences with the congregation doctrinally, but nothing I consider to be too big now that we understand more about what they believe. We believe all of the same things except a couple of smaller issues where they come down more conservative than I do. Frank doesn’t have a strong opinion either way but leans to my side, and we both can see both sides of these issues. I talked to a couple of the ladies about it last week and told them we believe differently on a couple of things but we wouldn’t leave because of those issues alone — as long as they don’t have a problem with the fact that we don’t agree on it and as long as they don’t have a problem with us believing differently. Their response was that they’re not the thought police, basically that the congregation needs to get along and that if there is a disagreement we need to all be open to studying about it, and sometimes the conclusion will be that we agree to disagree. That’s refreshing, actually, having been through a church split in the past (that was at least as bad as going through my divorce).

So we’re very pleased with where we ended up.

That was long and rambly, wasn’t it?

5 Responses to mmm… church crackers

  1. yeah, church splits suck. my church back home went through 3 over the 15 years i was there

  2. Yay for agreeing to disagree! I love that so much about your church family is wonderful, and even more that because it’s a small issue you guys don’t have to make a big deal. And even more more terrific that people are not saying “our way or the highway”. And yes, church splits are horrible. We’re just coming out of one, although in our case the pastor suddenly decided that formal church is wrong and abruptly resigned. Half the people left, and 2 years later we’re a really tight community that’s healing up fine. But man, that was a really painful time.

  3. when you said church crackers i thought you had joined another black church like Florida and they already had you nick-named. heh.

  4. Sarahk, you go to church?

  5. Your pastor doesn’t scream obscenities and blame HIV on the government, does he? Just checking.