i love scheduled posts

I haven’t done them in a while because I haven’t had much to talk about, at least nothing I wanted to write about so much that I would deal with my old computer. (Seriously, we two have had a battle of wills in the last couple of months, and VAIO finally beat me down enough that I just gave up.)

But I finally decided that I don’t have to write something exciting every time I write something. This is my journal, so I can write little one-sentence posts, and that is just fine. Might not be great reading, but it’s my life, and I like talking about it.

2 Responses to i love scheduled posts

  1. Amen, sister.

    That’s exactly what it should be. While we may write to entertain, we must not forget why we started in the first place. To talk about whatever we wanted to talk about, keep records of things we like to talk about or even want to remember. It is, first and foremost, our outlet. Entertaining comes secondary.

  2. I promise to always read your one sentence posts.