blue screen while sleeping

I just now turned on my computer for the evening (we were at Bible study). When I left it this morning, I put it into hybernation, and when I opened it tonight, it just came up, which was weird since I hadn’t yet hit the power button to bring it out of hybernation. Then I got a message right away that Windows had recovered from a serious error. Details? Blue screen of death.

Now how does a computer get the blue screen of death in hybernation mode?

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  1. if you have vista try using the disk cleanup option. clean the hibernation file option when the window pops up to check which sections you want to clean. i just did mine recently and had almost a gig alone in that file.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha!
    Said the Mac Girl.

  3. Hmmm…

    I think space monkey might be right. *grin*

    Try not to add more stuff to the system until you find out if this was a one time thing or if it keeps happening. It will be easier to find out what’s causing this (it would be something added in the last day) if you don’t put any new programs on it yet.

    Give it a few days if possible and see if it continues to BSOD on hibernation. Also, if it happens again write down any error codes and you can google them to see what you find.

  4. Have you downloaded/installed SP1 (Service Pack 1) for Vista? It’s supposed to fix some hibernation booboos I think.