I have found a computer with battery life!

It’s amazing. When I bought the VAIO four years ago, I bought a $300 spare battery, which became useless within months. Starting day one, the battery that came with the Sony started losing its ability to work past half an hour. When I first started it up, I was already disappointed that the battery barely lasted two hours (if I didn’t run the wireless network, didn’t play music, didn’t use Quicken, and didn’t use Excel – you know, if I just looked at a blank screen) , so I switched batteries, hoping that the spare would work better. It didn’t. And everything was just downhill from there. The battery eventually settled on twenty minutes, or half an hour if I turned everything off.

And then there’s my new baby. I can sit and blog for a couple of hours while using Excel, editing photos, and surfing the net. And the battery is only just over half depleted afterward. The other night I blogged and surfed for two hours, uploaded and edited pictures at the same time… all on battery. The next day I got on the machine for a little while in the morning, and later that day, Frank took the computer (which I’d not charged overnight) into the kitchen so he could follow my Mexican Chicken Soup directions. It lasted another good hour before it finally needed to be plugged in. So yeah, I think I’ll be looking for spare laptop batteries (or battery, singular, depending on how much they cost). I mean, I could use my computer all day long on one of our soon-to-be-frequent drives to state parks, national parks, and eventually Texas. Oh, and the all-day flight from Boise to Florida would be more bearable (especially if screaming kids don’t let me sleep or read books) – I have a few good games on here. Yes, wRitErsbLock, we do want to come back eventually for another cruise and more Disney and that Harry Potter world at Universal.

Have I mentioned how much I love my computer? Gateway is teh awesome. Just like me.

2 Responses to I have found a computer with battery life!

  1. Radio Shack has an adapter to plug your laptop into any 12V power port in your automobile for doing the tripping. It was 52.49 back in November of 2000.

  2. Burt, I’ve looked for something like that for many years and I’d decided they just don’t exist! Good to know, thanks!