microsoft hates microsoft

So I can’t get Microsoft Internet Explorer to work with Microsoft Windows Vista. Hahahahaha.

The un-haha part of it is that I still have a lot of work to do this weekend, and our work software only works through IE. It won’t function properly in Firefox.


UPDATE: I had to turn off my firewall and then also turn off IE’s internet protection. Basically, to use IE I have to surf naked. But at least non-Microsoft software works with Vista!

7 Responses to microsoft hates microsoft

  1. can we get a pic of you surfing naked?

  2. I love surfing nekkid. Of course, the webcam makes it difficult.

  3. No naked surfing pictures! And wb, I knew there was a reason I never checked out your webcam. :D

  4. No, there should be (if you’re using Zone Alarm) in Program Control – an Internet Explorer line. I’m betting all you have to do is allow it through on either the Access or the Server side to let it work for you with your work stuff. Give it a try and see. There are directions in the sidebar.

    If you’re using Microsoft’s firewall – there is very likely something in there that is blocking IE (although I thought that their firewall was not into blocking applications – I don’t remember anymore…heh) But you should never have to turn off the firewall to do anything!

  5. Teresa, LOL! I didn’t even think about checking in Zone Alarm. I just automatically assumed that it was a Vista thing. And you know, it was much funnier that way. ;-)

    Yep, you’re right. I did what you said, and it works like a charm now.

  6. Francesco Poli

    If you’re using ZoneAlarm, then doublecheck that the Windows firewall is completely shut down! Too many cooks in the kitchen otherwise. :-)

  7. Check out a Firefox plug in called User Agent Switcher. It lets you choose on the fly which browser Firefox tells a website it is, so even though you’re using FF, the site will think it’s IE. This may let your application work with FF.