Well played, Microsoft

Yeah, so Vista comes with a free trial of Office 2007. I’ll milk it for all I can, and then when my trial runs out, I’ll be buying it. I’ve already found new features that I can’t live without, and I don’t have any idea how I ever Excelled without such features.

Darn you, Microsoft!

8 Responses to Well played, Microsoft

  1. No One of Consequence

    Got any friends in college (or who work for a school)? The educational discount for Office is usually pretty impressive.

  2. Just remember that 2007 uses a format that is not compatible with earlier versions of Office. If you are sharing a file with someone else. Make you you select File…Save As and select the earlier Office format for the file.

    There is a converter that can be installed on earlier Office versions that will allow them to read 2007 formats. It can be found on Microsoft’s website with a simple search.

  3. NOOC, one nice thing this time is that it’s Microsoft Office Home and Student. So I’m getting that same discount, even without being a student. It’s about $150.

    Steve L, yeah, I noticed that. I was doing spreadsheets for work last night, and we have 2003 at work, so I was saving everything as the 97-2003 version. It’s nice that it at least has that. I remember some versions of Excel not doing that, and it was infuriating switching between the two.

  4. No One of Consequence

    That’s definitely a better deal than office usually is, but I’d still check around, if you can. The educational discounts I’ve seen for office are usually well under $100.

  5. Vista does? I’ve seen nothing on my machine indicating such. Though I bought this machine about a year ago, maybe that was before they were doing it.

  6. Hmm. Well mine did anyway. I don’t know if Microsoft or Gateway put it on here.

    NOOC, thanks for the advice. I’ll check around.

  7. It was Gateway. A standard retail copy of Vista, such as what you’d buy in the store, does not include Office in any form. Gateway, like almost all computer manufacturers, uses the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) form of Vista which allows them to customize it as they see fit. It’s likely that MS gives them a kickback for including the Office trial which is more than made up for by purchases after the trial expires.

    It’s a classic case of capitalism where everybody wins. Gateway gets a discount, MS gets increased Office sales, you get to try out the product and, if you like it and purchase it, you get a great product at a reasonable price.

  8. The trial came on my mom’s new HP too. (Vista Home Premium). At least it’s something that’s potentially useful, unlike all that other bundled crap I’ve been uninstalling for her.

    Sarah, we’d love to hear what new features you like so much!