better than all the alternatives

Some days I’m amazed at how many diseases I researched before you, my dear readers, told me about celiac. I went through more than three years of doctors giving me band-aid drugs for my many symptoms while begging someone, just anyone, to try to connect the dots. The M.D.s didn’t connect the dots, so I spent so much time researching, blogging about my symptoms, digging around, and noticing my symptoms in other people. Oh, she’s been diagnosed with Lupus! It would be a horrible thing to have, but more than anything I just want a diagnosis! Please let it be Lupus. My symptoms are so similar. Yeah, Lupus was a big one for me.

Then there was Lyme disease. Hey, remember that one day when I had a painful burning rash from my ankles to my knees when we went to Epcot with the Pieras? It wasn’t a bullseye, but maybe, just maybe… it could be Lyme disease. That’s so much better than Lupus! Doesn’t require a lifetime of meds or anything!

At one point, I was convinced that I had lead poisoning. The house I’d lived in in Amarillo was old (really really old) with peeling paint on the walls, and the pipes had never been replaced. Maybe I’d been poisoned by showering in the water there. Or eating the peeling paint in my sleep. I could get intravenous chelation therapy or even look into oral chelation, and I’d be on the road to good health.

I think the saddest thing is that at one point, I actually prayed I would be diagnosed with MS. Those symptoms fit so well, especially when I started having the seizures in my hoo-hah. I did not want MS at all, but I really wanted any diagnosis, even if it meant injections and a degenerative nerve and muscle disease…

Every time someone asks me what I can and can’t eat (this happened at work today after we all ordered lunch from Goodwood Barbecue, and I had called and talked to the kitchen to be absolutely sure about what I could eat), I happily tell them. And I always assure them (after their looks of pity or *wow*) that it’s really not bad. I name for them all the things I can safely eat and emphasize that basically I have to be ultra-careful at restaurants and stay away from prepackaged foods. I tell them how wonderful it is to eat foods prepared from fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. How good the food tastes, especially the brown rice pasta and the fresh homemade bread. And I think of you. You and my blog and how thankful I am that I opened up and blogged about all of my insane symptoms. And how you helped me to start recovering.

Mwah. Y’all are the best.

3 Responses to better than all the alternatives

  1. SarahK, YOU’re the best! Your search for a cure helped a lot of us out here struggling with the same issues. THANK YOU!

  2. Marcy, no, YOU’re the best!

    :) Seriously, thank you. I’m glad my search has helped others. It’s really all I could ask for.

  3. I am just glad you figured everything out.