um, snow?

Yeah, so tomorrow is the last day of March, and it is currently snowing at our house. I’m actually not that excited about it, just because I really want to get out and explore the area next weekend, and I was hoping to go to Monkeyface Mountain. On the other hand, I’m so excited that it’s not hot and muggy. And this is still running weather. Since I may actually get my evenings back this week, I plan to get started. We have lots of hills, which means I could actually enjoy running again!

9 Responses to um, snow?

  1. Lol. Welcome to the land of winter. :) Here in MI we always have snow in April. Always. Might just be a flake, often is a good covering, and once in a while is a big storm….but we always have something. And don’t get any fancy ideas about planting anything until mid-May because a killing frost is quite common as late as Mother’s Day.

    Enjoy the running!

  2. Just FYI– you can plant tomatoes when you can no longer see snow on Bogus. Just in case you wondered…

  3. Oh, how I miss Idaho. You are so fortunate to live there….hope you realize that. I, however, am stuck down here in 83 degree temps in Central Florida. Hot already, and, of course, humid.

    Thanks for rubbing it in………

    (I do realize, tho’, that alot of people would kill for 83 degrees right now, so I am trying to be humble…**wipes brow**)

  4. But Amy and Sil, I wanna plant something now. :)

    Sil, every time I start to think that maybe the snow is leaving the mountains, it gets really windy and everything comes back. I want to go explore!

    Julie, yes, I am very fortunate to live here. It is awesome. Sorry to rub it in. ;) And no, I would not kill for 83 degrees right now. Especially sloppy wet 83 degrees.

  5. My wedding here in Michigan was on April 30. Many people had to leave the reception early because there was several inches of snow. It was gone by morning. At least it doesn’t stick around. Stupid global warming.

  6. Your wonderful white fluffy stuff closed I80 from Rock Springs to Cheyenne (270 miles) this morning. They have been working on it and have all but Rawlins to Laramie (100 miles) open for traffic now.

    As far as your running goes, I think you’ll find that Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing are better options for your area for much of the year. It’s a better Cardio workout and sooo much prettier and quieter. In the right areas you will find a lot of wild life to observe too.

  7. So you probably don’t wanna hear that I got sunburned this weekend here in Cali?

  8. running? yeah! we both thought of the same thing at the same time. i’ll think of you and the Cowtown when i run! love you!

  9. We recently had 3 days of snow/hail/sleet here in Portland – at the end of March! Not much of a “spring” break for us here.