sometimes I really want a cracker

Almost right after I ate lunch today, I was under the thumb of some major nausea. I ate something I’ve eaten several times, then had some hot tea that I’ve had several times, and I was severely nauseated the rest of the afternoon. At one point, I even went to the bathroom and just hung my head over the toilet in hopes that I would throw up and feel better. Alas, my food stayed inside.

On my way home from work, I just wanted some soda and crackers. And then I remembered I can’t eat crackers, at least not the kind that make you feel better when you have an icky stomach. That made me sad — I rarely get sad about gluten anymore, because I avoid the Totino’s pizza aisle. I came home and rifled through the cabinets and finally I found what I needed: gluten-free olive oil & garlic croutons. Thanks so much, Gluten-Free Pantry!

I downed a whole bag of those suckers. There is nothing like stale seasoned bread to calm a stomach. I’m much better now.

6 Responses to sometimes I really want a cracker

  1. So sorry you’ve been queasy. It’s an awful feeling. I’m having a bit of it today . . . but I drank a bunch of wine last night, so not the same.

    On the VPL – wear a thong, girl! Less VPL, if any. And on the cottage cheese? Well. I have no help there. I give up – I’ve got it too. F@%#in’ mother nature!

  2. Hope you feel better.

  3. I miss saltine crackers too. Particularly when I eat tomato soup.

  4. Is that the title of Obama’s next book? :o)

  5. I’m amazed that the garlic helped your stomach. I’m glad it helped, though.

    G Fresh – nice Obama crack!

  6. Nut Thins from Blue Diamond is gluten-free. I now see them at all the major grocery stores. And Trader Joes has small rice crackers that are gluten free (not sure if there’s any up there).

    I’m still looking for a saltine cracker that’s gluten-free.