add me to the long list of Vista haters

What a waste. Vista has some cool little features and comes with some software that XP should have come with many years ago. But with XP, I had not seen a BSOD in years. Now I get them multiple times a day with the “upgrade” to Vista (no, in case you need further clarification – I did not buy Vista. I bought a new computer, and it came with Vista). So I finally took y’all’s advice (yes, y’all’s is a word) and installed SP1 to get rid of the BSOD problems.

I set it to run this morning right before we left for worship. Got home, and I got this big fat lie from my computer: “Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been successfully installed.” Sure it has. If you consider the fact that my wireless no longer works (Vista, just what *is* the purpose of a computer if you can’t connect to the internet?) a success. I rolled back the driver; this did not fix the problem. Updated to Realtek’s newest driver; also did not fix the problem. Ripped my toenails right out to dull the pain of Vista – also no help.

Since I know just enough about computers to be able to successfully break them (hey, I should be on the Vista team at Microsoft!), I don’t even know how to roll back to what I had before the “successful upgrade.” Do I have to reinstall what came with the machine? Will I lose all of my files if I do? Ack, I just transferred a million bazillion files over via a half gig jump drive – not the fastest process ever. Should I just go ahead and take a cyanide capsule and be done with it?

I guess I should dig out my XP CDs. Thanks for nothing, Microsoft. Remember how I was going to buy Office 2007? If I have to go to the trouble of reinstalling XP, I might as well bring over Office 2003 while I’m at it. No sense giving Microsoft any money – they’ll just spend it on developing crap software.


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  1. “/whining”

    that wasn’t whining, that was a full on rant!

    needless to say I’m still on XP, and will be until my next PC purchase, hopefully far, far in the future.

  2. If you have trouble with reinstalling office, you may want to look into Open Office. It’s nifty and it’s FREE.

  3. SarahK, I feel your pain. :)
    Go to your start button and in the search box type in “system restore” – it’s easier than trying to find it in the control panel. It will let you restore your system back to before you updated, and it doesn’t affect your files. There are two different kinds of restore, and you want the one that will fix the problem Vista created. I find that I have to do this once every 3 mos. or so. Good luck!

  4. I hate Vista, too, if only for the fact that my mom called me at work almost in tears today needing to uninstall something, and I wasn’t sure where “uninstall” was under Vista. Thankfully she found it. My sister did a nice thing in buying Mom a new computer (like yours it came with Vista), but Vista has really marred the experience.

    I told Mom I was converting back to Mac once I was done with grad school (they support Windows only).

  5. I have two powerful Vista desktop systems and have few problems, at least no more than I did with XP. I don’t think it’s a very good OS for laptops though.

  6. I agree with the “Open Office” suggestion.
    It is all I install now.
    I did have a chance to use Office 2007. Bad interface changes there. If you can get around in Word / Excel now, imagine how easy it will be to use the new versions when the menus don’t actually show up unless you turn them on – just like IE 7. And, they (the menus) aren’t organized the same as the previous versions of the software.
    They should have changed the name of the product because it isn’t the same product.