When the government fails me, God is my backup plan

That’s what Barack Obama wants you to think. The ludicrousness of his now oft-repeated theory that people only turn to religion when the government fails them completely floors me; the second that ridiculous comment got to the media, he should have told America, “I was smoking crack when I said it, so I’m sorry. I’ll try to keep the crack smoking to a minimum on the campaign trail in the future.” That would have gone over a lot better than letting on that he’s too snobby to understand why people of faith would be offended by his remarks. I know I shouldn’t be surprised since his church’s official slogan is something like “Kill Whitey,” but I still am. He probably does believe that religion is only for the bitter. We know his pastor is bitter and delusional, so I draw the conclusion that Obama is too.

This statement that God is a backup plan after the government fails tells me all I need to know about Obama: Government is his god; God is just there as a fall-back. This is why it’s so important to him and people like him that we have a huge government. He doesn’t believe God will take care of his needs and thinks that the U.S. government is more powerful than God — pretty sad for someone who claims to be a Christian. Why does he even profess faith in God and Christ if he has none? Oh yeah, I forgot. Sweet, sweet Chicago votes.

We went to Bible study last night (we’re bitter, so we needed us some religion), and on the way home, I was thinking about how in tune I am with our preacher. Everything he’s ever said in a sermon or a class (we’re in his Ezekiel class), I’ve agreed with; actually, I take that back. He made a vague comment one time, and I didn’t agree with what I read between the lines. Not surprising that I agree with him on pretty much everything, I know, but I’ve had several preachers over the years, and I’ve disagreed with them on a number of things — I don’t think any preacher is infallible, because last I checked, they’re all human. We’ve also talked politics with the preacher several times (he doesn’t get political in his sermons unless you count that Christian beliefs form a lot of our political beliefs). One day we sat with him at lunch, and we talked politics much of the time. You know what he believes in? Small government, just like me. Basic freedoms and inalienable rights come from God, not the government. That the government needs to get out of the daily lives of Americans and let us live. That the government’s main job is security and defense and that we need to rely on our God-given talents and work ethic to fulfill our needs, not the government’s policies and forced redistribution of wealth and mandatory mediocrity.

But what does he know? He clings to religion, so he’s obviously given up hope in government. What do Frank and I know? We cling to religion and guns. We’re just a couple of bitter typical white people.

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  1. OriginalSean

    Well, Sarah, you live in *Idaho* now – a state well known for right-thinking people, so it’s not surprising that most of the people you meet would hold your right-thinking point of view.

    I, otoh, live in New York (upstate, not the City), and you wouldn’t believe some of the things people around here say …

  2. What do I know? I know that when the spam hits the fan, I’m sticking with the folks who cling to God and have guns, rather than the joyless, disarmed scolds. It will be much safer and happier there.

  3. Last night in the debate it looked like Barack was clinging to his binky. When he tried to answer uneasy questions, he stammered and stuttered and danced a jig and circled around and tried to gloss over and landed uneasily. His main focus was “getting past” all of his mistakes and just “moving on” with the real issues, none of which he had a plan for. Doofus.

  4. and yeah God, guns and typical white (and black) people.

  5. Sarah, I really don’t know when I have read anything more insightful and right on the money!
    Government is Obama’s God. That such a true and pure statement!! I am really upset that I didn’t make the connection my self.
    How on earth can people still support him? Are they all under some mass delusion?

  6. I’ve thought this through. I’ve decided I understand where he was coming from, but by making guns, religion, anti-illegal immigration bad things he was offensive. Besides, I’ve never clung to anything because I was bitter, I’ve thrown things, but never clung.

  7. sarahk — Look at you. With your God and your guns and your Oirish sex.

    I’m gonna go look at my gun now.

  8. Please tell me someone made up a “bitter typical white person” tee. I think I need one.

  9. You know, I think someone needs to make a bumper-sticker in the vein of “If God is your ‘co-pilot,’ you need to switch seats” only one that says something like, “If God is your ‘backup plan,’ you need to re-prioritize.”

    I may have been bitter about some things in my life, but that’s not why my faith in God is important to me. Rather, my faith has helped me get past the bitterness into some sense of peace and “it was never between you and them anyway; it is between you and God” as the old saying attributed to Mother Theresa goes.

  10. I can’t come up with any political post today. I think I’ll just cut and paste this.

  11. As long as anyone is armed to the teeth they can be as bitter as they want. It works for me!

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  13. I don’t think Guns make people bitter. But I do think that when bad guys get shot by guns, then they can sometimes feel bitter.

  14. What exactly is so “ridiculous” about Obama’s statement? You don’t think lower- and middle-class Americans are bitter? I believe in God, and I’m certainly not offended. Why? Because his statements are true. What is so “ridiculous” about speaking the truth? We certainly cannot rely on the government, and the one constant in a lot of our lives is God and religion. Thus, bitter Americans cling to the things that they *can* rely on.

    He never said people “only turn to God when the government fails” them. I enjoy how you twist his statement to suit your agenda.

    And, perhaps you should listen to something more than select sound bites of Rev. Wright on Fox “News” before you declare that the slogan of his church is “Kill Whitey.” Luckily, Wright was a marine and has fought to support the American way of life that you enjoy and allows you to write such nonsense.

  15. Bob –

    You misinterpreted the Messiah’s comment. He didn’t say people were religious AND bitter. He said that, because they were bitter, they therefore turned to Gods, guns, and hating black people.

    If you think people are only religious and support the Second Amendment because of the recent economic downturn, well then yeah I guess I would see how you think that is the truth.

    The question isn’t about whether or not people are bitter. That’s not what was offensive to us small minded, uneducated, gun totin, Mexican hatin, religious types.

  16. I live in New Jersey. Clinging to guns and religion has a tax attached to it. Obama kinda looks like Gumby’s brother, doesn’t he?

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  18. maggie katzen

    Luckily, Wright was a marine and has fought to support the American way of life that you enjoy and allows you to write such nonsense.

    oh, know who else was in the military? Tim McVeigh. that’s such a stupid argument, Bob. go do some more research. this is a good start.

  19. I want to echo another post, Your comment was very insightful.B.Hussein is a typical leftist. they see the government as the answer to everything.I’m off to clean my 30-06 now.

  20. This is my second posting here (assuming it gets posted) I have a concern that has not been addressed very well, as far as I have seen anyway,.
    That is the question of how Hillary would do with foreign relations if (shudder) she became president. A lot of other cultures see women differently than we do .Particularly Muslims. If leaders of other nations do not respect our president how will diplomatic issues go for us? We could ask the same question for Obama except that some leaders may like him a bit too much. Will they see him as someone that they can manipulate?
    His documented anti American attitudes plus his lack of experience could be useful to some others.