Something I never thought Id hear him say

“We’re gonna need more quinoa.”

Warms my heart, peeps. I’ve actually found a healthy whole grain that Frank likes. He’s not crazy about brown rice, which I love for its nutty taste and its whole, healthy graininess. So I cooked whole quinoa a while back and was astonished that he liked it so well. This week, we had a green curry for dinner one night (he cooked it!), and Frank soaked the quinoa for me all day (because it’s healthier soaked) so we could eat it with dinner. Friday night I made chicken tikka masala, and I served that over quinoa. As we ate Friday night, I heard these words come out of his mouth: “I’m really liking this quinoa.”

Well then. I know what our grain of choice is around here.

3 Responses to Something I never thought Id hear him say

  1. I like quinoa, too, although like you I’m a fan of brown rice. I also love wild rice, which I understand isn’t actually rice at all.

  2. I didn’t know wild rice wasn’t actually rice! Sounds like it’s really close, just a different genus or something.

  3. pat’s favorite is quinoa also. hahahahahahahahahaha….he doesn’t even know what it is!…ok…neither do i. hmmph.