We are back

Thanks to the nice reader who told me my blog had been glutened (which made me laugh) yesterday. Something happened when Hosting Matters was moving me from one something to another something (I didn’t understand the words). But they got me back up this morning. You may now celebrate.

6 Responses to We are back

  1. You’re welcome. :)

  2. While you were out, the Stars managed to win a playoff series.

    Figured you would have said something about it, but being up in the mountains of Idaho, I’m guessing word travels rather slowly.

  3. Yay! And I love the new sidebar pic!! :)

  4. I’ve actually been keeping up and cheering and meaning to post about it. I just keep forgetting to post about it. :)

  5. Rich, thanks.

    FWGMills, I wasn’t sure if you were ok with me publicizing you, which is why I didn’t.

  6. Not a problem. I have accepted the risk that everything I write on the internet will be archived so that my great-great-great grandchildren can read it. ;)