Dulcia Domestica

Also known as pure bliss.

Today was Mother’s Day, and my MIL loves pasta more than pretty much everything else. So I decided to make pasta, garlic broccoli, appetizers, and a dessert. I went on allrecipes.com, one of my favorite recipe-inspiration sites, and looked for anything Italian. I came across this recipe for dulcia domestica, and it sounded pretty non-blase and yummy.

Holy smokes, kids.

If you ever come to our house, you can fully expect to have dulcia domestica for dessert. It will be a staple around here for sure. I was a little worried when I was cooking it, because it wasn’t very aromatic. And then I poured the dates into a serving dish, and all the scents fused together at once right in front of my nostrils. From the smell, I knew we were in for a treat.

I was right.

It’s such a simple recipe. Dates stuffed with pine nuts, sprinkled in black pepper and then sauteed in red wine and honey (I, of course, also used coconut oil so the dates wouldn’t stick to the pan, as I’d read in the reviews that they do).

I try to do recipes as written the first time I make them, and thereafter, they are open to interpretation and tricking up. I’m already thinking of new things I can do to this one. For example:

Served over softened cream cheese (after I can actually consume dairy products).
Over goat cheese. Cottage cheese. Ricotta cheese.
Add balsamic vinegar to the red wine and honey, or drizzle the finished product in a teensy bit of balsamic.
Cooked with red chili.
Rolled in batter and deep fried (after the honey and red wine have soaked in).

And so on.

Anyway, try it, peeps. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Frank Brown

    Just read about your health woes. I stongly suggest you find a good naturopath or dietician. My wife is the former. She has R.A. issues, but it is wheat, not corn, that sets it off. And wheat is EVERYWHERE. Also, naturopaths don’t talk to people like they are four-year-olds (unless of course they are).

    Hope it helps.