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You know who’s awesome? Lou Maull, that’s who’s awesome. He’s been a reader here for awhile (I hope he doesn’t mind my saying so), and a few days ago (okay, a couple of weeks — this one has been sitting in my drafts for a while), I got a most wonderful email from him. See, Lou runs a family barbecue-sauce-making business that’s been around for more than a century. Apparently all the peeps in St. Louis buy Maull’s barbecue sauce, because they know it’s tha bomb. I’ve meant for a while to try it but for some reason never got around to it (because I’m lazy). Well, the company gets a few emails a month from gluten-free sauce lovers asking if they can consume Maull’s barbecue sauce, and because of that, and because Lou has read about all of my gluten problems… he decided to find out. Even though there are others emailing him, I take full credit. ;-)

Lou went to his suppliers and asked each one if all of the ingredients he buys are gluten-free. (I’ll stop for a moment while you applaud.) And he didn’t stop there. He got the ELISA testing supplies (accurate to 10ppm) so he could be sure that his sauces are clean. He tested every flavor that they make, and only his beer-flavored BBQ sauce tested positive for gluten (and I conclude that since the others did not test positive for gluten, he runs a well-segregated shop).

I have been making my own barbecue sauce lately, because I hardly ever see prepacked bbq sauce marked gluten-free, and they all contain some language like natural flavors, spices, or flavorings… and when I’m running around the grocery store, I don’t usually have a laptop and wifi for checking out certain brands. I have found a couple of organic sauces marked gluten-free, but let’s be honest — they might as well be labeled “bland ketchup flavor.” And I do like my own bbq sauce (but I like most of my own cooking). But it is pretty inconvenient to have to make my own every time (and since I’m scared to try canning for fear of exploding glass, making it in advance and storing it is not an option), which means that we don’t have barbecue and barbecuey things very often. And we plan to get a grill soon, so I know there is a lot of smoking and grilling in our future.

So I’ve just ordered a lifetime supply (okay, twelve bottles) of Maull’s sauce. Every flavor except beer. I will report back later on how it tastes. It had better be good! ::shakes fist::

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  1. “It’s not a BBQ unless you Maull it”. Maull’s is the best BBQ sauce out there. I have used it for pretty much all my life. We just spice it up a little with some garlic and onions. But by it self it is good. Yes and I am from the St. Louis Area. Toasted Ravioli ,Gooey Butter Cake, pork steaks and many others came from St.Louis

  2. Don’t worry. It’s darn good.

  3. Hmmm, don’t know that brand, but I haven’t tried many St. Louis style sauces.

  4. that’s awesome! Way to go Lou, and way to go SarahK!

  5. good to see some regular posting back in action. love your posts! mommy

  6. Thanks for the kind words.

  7. SarahK–Changing the world one brand at a time!

    You’re going to give Rachel Lucas a run for her money on world domination:)

  8. Uhm, okay. I am officially in love with Lou. What a big-hearted guy. That’s awesome.

  9. If I run out of my bootlegged supply of Corky’s, I use Maull’s. It’s very delicious in all its incarnations.

  10. Starfox5253

    What a great guy and a great sauce!

    You shouldn’t be afraid of canning though! It’s really really easy, and I’ve never had anything explode… I even canned some chocolate cake and sent it to my cousin in Iraq! It arrived super moist, and he was the envy of all of his buddies!

  11. Hey SarahK… thank you so much for your efforts in discovering safe gluten free food!! I too like my own bbq sauce, but sometimes it’s nice to get a quick fix. While food shopping I read the ingredients but hesitate to feed it to my husband unless I’m certain it really is gluten free. The Triumph Dining book is okay, but it doesn’t include many brands names available in the midwest, like Maull’s. In the beginning of bbq season I brought home some Maull’s but didn’t open it all season because I didn’t come across your posting until now… it’s never too cold to bbq!!! Thanks again for your efforts! :-)