I officially declare Thursday to be the best day of the week

Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Psalm 27:14

I’ve always known Thursday to be the best day of the week. It’s the day before Friday, the day when we look forward to the weekend, the day we know that after five tomorrow… there will be rest.

Last Thursday we closed on the house. Yesterday Frank got a job!

Interviewed in the morning, job offer by afternoon. Because he’s awesome. The email from the company said that all of the coal miners were VERY impressed with him. He’s an impressive kind of guy. He starts Monday. His new job is so close to where I work that we’ll be able to carpool. We can drop the dog off at daycare (shut UP!) and both be at work within five minutes.

One drawback: I’m going to have to start getting up earlier. He won’t be walking Rowdi during the day anymore, and we don’t want to lose control of the dog (the little we have), so we’ll have to walk her early, before we leave for work. Which means… carry the one… get up at 5, ply Frank with coffee, walk the dog at 5:30, shower by 6:30, etc. So… bedtime by 9, 9:30? I’m excited about the carpooling, even if it sounds like I’m not.

Second drawback: Planning. It’s been nice calling him during the day and saying, oh, can you run to the store and pick this up for dinner? And can you precook the chicken for me? It seems I’ll have to go back to the proper way of doing things, which is make a menu and do all the grocery shopping and precook the chicken on the weekends. And I’m going to have to get Fly Lady involved so we keep everything clean. I should make a couple of loaves of bread this weekend.

I want to say thanks to you readers who prayed for us and those of you who either helped or tried to help. And yes, a blog reader (one of his) got him the interview and wins the free t-shirt. I know you all want it, but only one can win. ;-)

And here’s where I go all religiony and such: I knew Frank was going to get this job. I’m doing a Bible study with the ladies from church, and this week’s study really had me thinking and praying. And praying. Monday we had made a decision about what Frank was going to do for work (it would have meant a lot of travel), but the decision didn’t feel right. Probably because I would miss him. I prayed hard about it (no one ever says they pray softly, do they?). Wednesday he got called for yesterday’s interview, and I knew this was the one. I told him yesterday morning, you’re going to get the job. You’re going to go interview, and they’re going to call you this afternoon with a job offer (I was wrong, they emailed). The work sounded really interesting to him, and he thought it went really well. When he called to tell me that he’d gotten the job and told me the salary, I told him, that’s exactly what I knew they were going to offer you. I had even done up a new budget the night before using that exact salary. Now I’m not gonna sit here and say that the Holy Spirit told me the salary or that God told me in a vision that Frank would get this job — I don’t believe things work that way. But I am going to tell you that I believe in the power of prayer. Not that we hadn’t been praying all along, but before this week, I wasn’t focused on Psalm 27:14 when I prayed.

16 Responses to I officially declare Thursday to be the best day of the week

  1. Wonderful news! Very happy for you guys. (And my wife LOVES the Fly Lady. Woe betide me if I interfere when she’s treating the sink.)

  2. Congrats Frank! I knew the right one was waiting for you to find it!!!! I firmly believe in meant to be…and prayer always gets us there! Love you both! We will see you soon! Love you…mommy

  3. lottiedottie

    yay for you! That is incredible news!

  4. Whoohoo!! Wonderful news!! :)

  5. HUGE Congrats!!

  6. I am so happy for y’all!

  7. Congrats to both of you.

  8. WooHoo! Yay!! Yippee!!! Way to go!!!! *slap on the back* Good on ya!!!!!

  9. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  10. Huzzah!!!!

  11. Congrats to Frank and here’s hoping things keep looking up for you! There really is power in prayer, I don’t care what anyone says.

  12. Hearty congratulations to y’all!
    For me, it’s usually the other way around in that, something happens (good or ‘not so good’) and on reflection, I understand it’s God’s hand working in my life. Thankfully there’s been a lot of good to reflect on. Also thankfully the ‘not so good’ turns out to be: “Patience, My Son. All will be revealed in time. And then you will see the Good!”
    Anyway, Congratulations again!

  13. What wonderful news! We’re all rejoicing with you.

  14. congrats to frank .. he is a smart guy and i knew he would find something soon.. u know jay’s world? well i do too.. i was looking for my name in the yahoo.com area and under jays world there was blog awards known by sarah fleming and stepmo donna kiser..small world isn’t it..? have a good night with all ur animals and frank too,..,lol