There’s only one drawback to the new SUV Ford is producing.

It’s butt ugly.

I almost started to get excited when I read on Instapundit that Ford is now producing the Flex, an SUV that will get 24 mpg on the highway (my Explorer gets roughly 15-16, and the Flex would get about the same as Frank’s Santa Fe). The engine will certainly drop out of my Explorer in the next five minutes, and I’ll be looking for a new SUV or truck, if we decide we even need one (carpooling is awesome when gas is so expensive). But then I went and looked at the picture, and my head immediately tilted to the right, as it does when I’m making my “really?” face. First of all, I’m not even sure that is a truck wheelbase. As low as that sucker sits to the ground, it may be sitting on a car wheelbase. The Santa Fe is on a car wheelbase, too, but it doesn’t look like someone just stuck a camper on the back of a low-rider truck and called it an SUV — it looks more like a bubble on wheels. Second, shorten the front and curve the windshield a little more, and you have what is known as the minivan. And it’s not the boxy thing. I love Volvos, and the XC90 is my dream machine. It’s that I’m not such a fan of the low-rider truck/SUV hybrid look. And also, one of the purposes of the SUV is that you can see over everyone in traffic, and all the people around you get to be miffed that they can’t see over you.

Am I alone? It is unattractive, yes?

14 Responses to There’s only one drawback to the new SUV Ford is producing.

  1. bikermommy

    butt ugly it is.

  2. it’s not as ugly as I expected from your description, but I still don’t like it. It’s too low, and it’s got the same dumb squared-off edges look like every else who’s trying to copy a Scion.

  3. Yep. Put some wood paneling on that puppy and you’ve got yourself a real snazzy station wagon.

  4. Looks like a longer version of the Honda Element-inside looks ok, but Ford has a way to go on the curb appeal.

  5. It’s like….a phone booth on wheels?

    “Moves through the air like a brick on steroids!”


  6. I think it looks like a hearse.

  7. lottiedottie

    I agree with Nancy. It kinda looks like a bad combo of minivan and station wagon. It’s weird.

  8. you’re right on. And Jae hit it on the head. I instantly thought funeral.

  9. I’d say not especially attractive, though not as ugly as the Aztec that Pontiac made a while back.

  10. Looks like a ghettomobile-turned-hearse. Ew.

  11. OriginalSean

    Looks like the guy driving it is really happy, with that nice wave and all. maybe it is *really* fun to drive, even indoors.

  12. It looks rather like a homelier version of the Subaru Forrester.

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  14. Thanks, SarahK! Glad I’m not spam and hope I’m worth the effort.