monkey talk

SARAHK: I think it’s hilarious that the moon comes out here four hours before the sun goes down.
FRANK [seriously]: I wouldn’t call it laugh-out-loud hilarious…

Which, of course, made me laugh out loud. Like I’m so amused by the timeliness of the moon and the persistence of the sun.

Sundown here is so late. It seems like the sun never sleeps until at least nine, and it isn’t dark before ten p.m. Which is totally awesome. Even on the longest summer nights in Florida, it was pitch by 8:45 or so. But here, when it’s totally dark out, it really is bedtime. The moon is out before six in the evening, too, and it’s so bright and solid in the southeastern sky.

I love it here, have I mentioned?

4 Responses to monkey talk

  1. Glad you and Frank are happy with the move. As a fellow mountain area dweller, I’ll be interested to hear how you feel when the winters really drag on and the novelty of the snow wears off. Me? I love it!!

  2. Just be prepared 6 months from now when you drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark…
    I’m glad my wife and I ‘traded latitudes’ with you and Frank. You’re wecome to the north; we’ll keep the south. :-)

  3. Ummm…the moon does that everywhere. You’ve just probably never noticed it before.

  4. As a fellow Boise dweller (for 2 years now), I second your “I love it here”! I’ve lived in a lot of places in six states. Boise wins hands down.