So we’re watching Angel, S3E13 (“Waiting in the Wings”). Angel and Co. are at the ballet, and this transpires:

FRANK: Hey, isn’t that River?
SARAHK: Ooh, Summer Glau? Lemme see. [I rewind.]
FRANK: That would make sense, because isn’t that how he knows her?
SARAHK: Oh yeah. From the ballet? That sounds right. Yep, that’s her. Cool.
FRANK: Yeah, I think that’s what Joss knows her from. She’s like a ballist, or whatever they’re called.
SARAHK: Um. A ballerina?

[We both crack up.]

FRANK: No, she’s that stuff that weighs down ships.

One Response to ballast

  1. that ep. was on tv the other day, and I was thinking the same thing re: Frank’s “Yeah, I think that’s what Joss knows her from.”