Frank is doing his Wii Fit workout.

FRANK: My trainer has a full beard like he’s in ZZ Top now. I love that when Frank sees a full beard, his first thought is ZZ Top. I don’t know why, but it kills me.
SARAHK: Oh yeah?
FRANK: And a ponytail.
SARAHK: Hippie! Your trainer is a hippie! I think mine’s a lesbian. I mean, she keeps trying to flirt with me. “Great JOB!” when I only do so-so yoga.
FRANK: What did you say? Your lesbian trainer keeps trying to flirt with you?
SARAHK: Yeah. Wait. I mean… She doesn’t train lesbians. She’s my trainer and a lesbian.

These are the conversations we have, because wii’re retarded.

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  1. yep.