Avocado salad with orange-wasabi glazed chicken

This meal is one of our weekly staples, but I modify it to make it even better. Here’s how.

First, the ingredients. I leave all of the measurements the same for the sauce, but I drop the meat down to two chicken breasts, since there are only two of us. I don’t do mixed salad greens much, and I love spinach, so I replace the mixed greens with spinach. I also use Thai Chili sauce where it calls for hot sauce — gives it that extra zing. If you are GF/DF, check your wasabi paste — I bought one once that had either wheat or dairy in it, so now I buy wasabi powder and make up my own paste with a little bit of coconut milk (works better than water for wasabi purposes, makes the wasabi creamier). If I’ve recently made something that calls for port wine (I have exactly one recipe that calls for that), I’ll use the port instead of red wine and cut out some of the sugar. If you don’t like sweet food, cut back on the sugar anyway, because this sauce is sweet. I leave out the tomatoes, because Frank just pushes them to the side anyway. The recipe doesn’t call for it, but I sprinkle garlic powder over the spinach leaves before topping the spinach with anything else; with that modification, this meal has all of the ingredients of my guac.

I don’t follow the directions with this one at all, really. I don’t bake the chicken. I make the sauce as it requires, and after I’ve added the orange juice and wasabi, I saute the chicken in the sauce until done. While the chicken is sauteeing, I fill up the plates. First the spinach, then garlic powder. Red onion next. Kosher salt. Fresh ground pepper. Thai chile sauce. Lime juice (I use half a lime for each plate). Avocado (sometimes 1/2 an avocado for each salad, and sometimes a whole avocado for each). When the chicken is done, I put that on the salads, and I spoon on liberal amounts of the sauce. Sometimes I add colby jack cheese (if I think I’ll tolerate it).

It’s really a great salad, and even the vegetable-hatin’ Frank loves it when I make this.

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  1. It is early and my eyes don’t focus fully yet. I thought your post title began with the words “A volcano salad.” You can imagine my disappointment!

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