The Celiac Dinner Menu, volume 2

This week I’m bringing back a couple of oldies-but-goodies. By oldies, I mean we haven’t had them in a while. We haven’t had the fish tacos since before we went gluten-free, so it should be interesting…

*Most Excellent Potato Soup (a note on that — I usually use more than 2 cans of coconut milk now. If it is a little on the sweet side, salt balances it out nicely. Also, you can use heavy cream if you prefer.)
*Garlic bread (I used one of the leftover muffins from the hamburgers. Try it with coconut oil instead of butter — it’s killer)

*Avocado Salad with Orange-Wasabi Glazed Chicken.

*Brown rice pasta with this pasta sauce (also added GF Worcestershire, shrimp, mushrooms, and spinach)

*Well, it was going to be BBQ chicken in the oven and roasted garlic potatoes, but I got glutened HARD at Louie’s at lunch. So Frank had a frozen Amy’s meal (Mattar Paneer), and I had Colby Jack cheese (not much, just a little) and Jennie’s macaroons.

*California rolls
*Smoked salmon rolls
*Shrimp sushi
*Wasabi & reduced-sodium tamari, a wonderful couple they are

*Fish tacos. I, of course, have to change this one up. I’ll use either the all-purpose mix from Gluten-Free Pantry or the one from Bob’s. I use Bob’s to make gravy, so I imagine it will work fine here. Beer obviously contains gluten (barley malt), so I’ll use Redbridge gluten-free beer (made from sorghum instead of barley). On the sauce, I’ll leave out the mayo because I’m not doing much in the way of eggs right now, and I’ll replace the yogurt with coconut milk. I’ve made this sauce several times with coconut milk (I love the sauce for crab cakes), and it is fantastic. We have trout onhand that my FIL caught, so I’ll use that, and as much as I love corn tortillas, I’ll have to forego those for dark teff tortillas.

*Brown rice pasta with meat sauce
*Garlic bread made from the leftover muffins

Kind of a carb-filled week, but whatevs. Next week I’ll probably be all about fish and veggies.

3 Responses to The Celiac Dinner Menu, volume 2

  1. I got glutened at louies yesterday as well– had to down a pepsi so I could function– then a short nap. I felt it for most of the day while at the water park– not cool. Sorry you go it too. I think it was the waitress having no clue what she was doing.

  2. I actually had a headache by the end of lunch, and when I got back to work, I was in total brain fog for the rest of the afternoon. I’m not feeling great today, either.

    But it was worth it to see you and lottiedottie (is that how she spells it?)!

  3. Hmmm. You had me really goin’ there, with your yummy-sounding menu……then…..the Fish Tacos hit me like a bug on a windshield. Hard, splattery-like. Ewww.

    I ate A fish taco once. In San Diego at a beach-shack-like eatery. Cool place, but STILL… tacos?

    I have never been the same.

    And it certainly did not help that I was just released from the hospital with some sort of gastrointestinal infection called “C DIF”……an infection that you get….you ready?…….IN a hospital, in most, if not all, occasions. Nasty not-so-little bugger that is transmitted by such things as nurses not washing their hands properly, beds not being disinfected and completely changed out when necessary, etc…..symptoms include ALOT of diahrrea (sp?).

    Me been very sick. Me had lost me appetite and was just starting to regain it. Then…..
    *s p l a t * Me can’t stop dwelling on fish tacos.